100 Word Challenge – Week#16


Do take some time to look at the different tabs at the top of the page. In particular please look at the ‘Who is taking part?’ Please check that your class is listed. We would like to list  your classes’ geographical locations. Please leave either a comment below or tweet @theheadsoffice


Your entries look so brilliant on this new blog don’t they! You have really christened it with such great writing! Do pop back to see some of last weeks entries! WEEK#15

********** WEEK #15 SHOWCASE **********

Cia from Falcon Girls School

Emily from GoofyJ’s Girls

Izzy from Brunswick House


Don’t forget to come back on Thursday to see the Special Showcase! 

100 Word Challenge

The prompt this week is …all at once they fell over ….

As usual you have 100 words plus those in the prompt so that makes 106. For new visitors please read ‘What is 100WC?’ and ‘How to join 100WC’ for instructions and then do join us!

The link will be open until midnight on 17th January