5 Sentence Challenge #3


  • Please make sure that you post the correct challenge. We had some 100 Word Challenge pieces last week. They do not have Team100WC looking at them. Please take care and read the title of the post!
  • Please make sure that children who post here are not able to do 100WC. This is a precursor to more fluent writing and is not really for those children who are already confident writers
  • Please make sure you visit some other entries. It could be a good exercise to do it on a Thursday morning when the link is closed so that you can visit the last ones to come in.
Well we had lots of energy in the writing last week with you all leaping around for Leap Year! It is so difficult to chose some for the showcase but we have done our best and here they are:
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Today is 1st of March which is officially the first day of Spring so the theme for this challenge is ‘In the Garden’.
Now you may like to write about the different plants that are growing. I know my daffodils are up far too soon because it has been so mild. You might have lots of birds that visit. Or maybe you have animals like squirrels, hedgehogs, moles and foxes visit. Of course, the 5SC is about writing creatively so you can make it all up!.
The link will be open until 14th March.
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