5 Sentence Challenge #4


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Thank you all for sharing your ‘Garden’ sentences. There is lots happening out there! Here are the showcase pieces for 5SC#3

**********5SC#3 SHOWCASE **********

Abdullah in Yr.4 at St Pauls, Bolton

Grace who is 5 from St Luke’s Aided Primary

Jack & Elana in Yr.1 at High Lawn 


This time you have a picture to look at. You will see that it has lots of different things happening. It is actually the picture of the jigsaw that I am doing at home and the picture is of Castle Coombe, the village where Dr. Dolittle and War Horse were filmed.

Look closely at the picture and decide what you are going to write your 5 sentences about.

If you are not sure about what to do please read the tabs at the top of the page. There is a video for you to watch!

The link will be open until midnight on 28th March