Spica warrior

Meet Spica Warrior!

On March 4th we celebrate World Book Day when schools often let pupils dress up in their favourite book characters. Here on 100 Word Challenge, we want you to write about SUPER HEROES.

Now you may think SUPER HEROES are only found in comic books and magazines but I bet you know some. I certainly know lots and here is the story so far of one of them!

Lucas Trice is a Year 2 pupil at Burford School in Marlow Bottom and like his friends he loves football, LEGO and Minecraft. Unlike his friends, Lucas has a chronic condition called developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). To date Lucas has had four major operations and faced months of recovery in a bid to create a stable hip socket and prevent disability and pain in later life. Whilst thousands of children around the world are diagnosed with DDH each year, there is very little information or support for parents, so Lucas’ mum has written a book called ‘Cast Life’ to help empower them on their journey which has gone global since it launched in October. She also set up a charity called ‘Spica Warrior’ which helps provide information to other families and they have already raised over £1000 and connect with people all over the world. 

The challenge this week is in two parts:

Part One – visit the Spica Warrior site and find out more about this condition. You may have children in your school who suffer from the same thing. If you can make a donation – that would be wonderful!

Part Two – write your 100 piece on a Super Hero. It can be someone you know, a character you have read about or someone you have invented!

The form will close on 5th March

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Week #8

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Advanced news!

Next week is going to be the first in our Specials. We are joining World Book Day and will be meeting Spica Warrior so don’t miss it!

Showcase news

Many classes in Ireland get featured on the showcase. That is because they support each other and send me recommendations. They also use Twitter very well. Do take a leaf out of their book! Send me the ID number and week number of posts you have visited and want showcased.

The latest showcase is WEEK #6

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Latest prompt

We have five words that need to be put in your writing this week. They can be in any order but must all be used. They are:

…Gas,  Dancer,  Green,  Swimming,  Likely…

The form will close on Saturday 27th February.
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