Week #32 (21)

Another guest prompt!

This week our prompt has been suggested by Isla who is a student at Ponsonby School in New Zealand.

It is:

‘…A flash of light, then, darkness…’

I do hope you enjoy rising to her challenge.

The form will close on 22nd May at 23.45 GMT

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Week #31 (21)

This prompt is a smasher!

Thank you to you all of you who let me know dates etc for holidays.

I have decided to continue setting prompt over July & August so hopefully, some of you will use them.

Latest prompt

We have another great prompt from Meya, this time 5 words all of which must appear in the writing. They can be in any order. They are:

…Oar,    Rule,    Mushroom,    Wistful,    Wrinkled…

The form will close at 23.45 GMT on 15th May 2021


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