Week #36

National Writing Day 21st June!

The first National Writing Day will take place on 21st June. Watch out for all the celebrations in the press and on television!


Latest Showcase

The showcase for Week#34 was not a very big one but you can find it HERE


5 Sentence Challenge

Did you know that there is another writing challenge for emerging writers? That could include students in the early years of school or students who are learning English. You can find the latest prompt HERE


Latest prompt

This photograph is the creation of the very talented Jane Hewitt who is the author of ‘Learning through the lens’.

As you can see, it tells quite a story!

You need to make your mind up what is real and what is not before you start to write! Is the egg the real size or are the people?!!

The form will close at 23.45 GMT on 24th June

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A very special prompt!

This week, 100 Word Challenge is working to raise attention of the work that VSO does in Sierra Leone helping pregnant women and their babies.


Voluntary Service Overseas and Fieldcraft Studios are launching a unique and exciting project, #DrawingBreath, this June to help raise essential skills and equipment for hospitals in Sierra Leone. The campaign will unite artists and creatives in bringing to life the vital work that the charity VSO do with mothers and babies in the region.

We want to create and spread stories about real people making real change in Sierra Leone. People like community health worker Andrew who helps expectant mums, often without the essential everyday equipment you would expect to find in a hospital. Your input would help us fundraise for the vital pieces of equipment he needs to do his job –like a solar light, a stethoscope or a blood pressure monitor.

Community Health Officer Andrew Sesay, an experienced and dedicated healthcare worker in Binkolo Health Clinic and is first port of call for many of the people in the district. . .Neonatal and mortality rates in Sierra Leone are amongst the highest in the world. Ebola set the country’s development back as many pregnant women were too scared to set foot in hospitals and health clinics, worried that they were at risk of infection. .


This weeks prompt is to write a letter to Andrew about his work. Watch the video HERE

Try to imagine what it would be like working without light or some of the vital equipment. How would you feel if someone’s life depended on you? What questions would you ask him? What would you like to know about Sierra Leone?

You may like to draw a picture to illustrate your post. Do use #DrawingBreath if you tweet out, please. If you are able to do some fund-raising for Andrew do donate HERE

Above all, get involved and let’s share the great work people like Andrew are doing!

Ther form will close at 23.45GMT on 17th June


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