Week #32

Another mistake!

Apologies for last week’s prompt! It had been the prompt in Week #13. Did anyone other than a few in Ireland and Thailand notice? I promise to try and not do that again!

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5 Sentence Challenge

Do you have emerging writers in your class or is there a class or younger writers in your school? If so, do point them in the direction of the sister challenge to this one – 5 Sentence Challenge. As it says on the tin, writers have to create five sentences from the picture prompt. You can find it HERE

Showcase winners

The latest showcase was published on 18th May. You can see if your posts were chosen HERE. If you have a Twitter account, do let me have your ID so that you can get a tweet announcing the winners each week. HERE

Latest prompt

As you can see the prompt this week is a yummy picture! It is actually part of a sculpture called ‘The Fast Supper’ which was part of an exhibition in Gloucester Cathedral called ‘Crucible’.

fast supper Gloucester cathedral

Things to consider:

  • What is it made of?
  • What was the sculpture trying to say?
  • What did it make you feel? Hungry? Full?
  • What person could be eating it?

The form will close on 27th May at 23.45 GMT


Continuing 100 Word Challenge

Please check your newsletters for some important news about the future of 100WC. 


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A warm welcome back to our UK schools!

Here in the UK, our Year 6 pupils take SATs tests in May. Thankfully, they are all over now so I hope more UK writers will be sharing their work.

Showcase is back!

The latest showcase was for Week#29. It is so good to see nominations for schools across the worlds. Check out the full list HERE

Let’s get connected!

Many of you are signed up to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc.  I use these platforms to help promote your posts so do fill out this very short survey to let me know where you hang out! HERE

Hubs mean comments

Many of the nominations for the showcase have come via the hubs. These are three classes linked together to help with comments on 100WC posts. If you would like to join a hub, fill out THIS FORM

Latest prompt

We have five words for the prompt this week. They must ALL be in your 100 words but you can change the order. The words are:


Things to think about:

  • Before you start to write, have a plan in mind to make sure all the words are included.
  • Make your piece as creative as possible. Really use your imagination!
  • Make sure your post is logical.

The form will close at 23.45 GMT on 20th May

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