Week #12

Check your newsletters

Our wonderful ‘artist in residence’ is in discussion about how he can provide a little ‘prize’ for a competition I am considering. Full details will be in your newsletters! If you are not receiving them (sent on Sundays) do get in touch.


Hub news

I am looking for classes of 7-8 year old writers to join together in a hub. A hub is 3 classes linked together from across the world that support each other with their 100 Word Challenge. If you are interested & can make the commitment, do complete      this form 

Showcase news

The most recent showcase was for Week#10. do check it out by clicking the tab at the top of the page.


Latest prompt

We have a bit of an odd situation for the prompt this week. I’m sure it will get your writers really delving into their imaginations! It is:

… we seemed to be on the television…

Once again we have a great graphic from Terrk Culkin on all our tweets so do look out for them.

The form will close at 23,45 UK time on 1st December

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Week #11

Newsletter News!

Are you getting your weekly newsletter? It should arrive in your inbox on Sundays. If you have not received it, please check your spam & trash & if you still can’t find it, get in touch!

Getting comments

If you would like more comments for your posts, why not link up with two other classes? By joining a hub you will get a regular supply of comments & support. Please read this page & fill in the form BUT only if you can make the regular commitment!

Latest prompt

Goodness! There has been a bit of a disaster in the woods from the looks of it!

The form will close on 24th November at 23.45 UK time

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