100 Word Challenge -Week #34

Thank you so much to those of you who took part last week during the holidays. As usual the showcase choices were difficult! Don’t forget to pop over to Lend My Literacy to see some more showcase pieces!

********** Week#33 Showcase**********

Ansa in Yr.5 at Miriam Lord

Eliza in Yr.6 at St Therese, Torquay, Australia

Rylbroo4 in Grade 5 at Lanigan Elementary

Callum in Yr 3/4 at Richard Heathcote

Simone in yr.6 at Kirkheaton Primary


<<<<<<<<<<ADVANCED NOTICE>>>>>>>>>>

We are going to be supporting another organisation in Week #36. It is called ‘Send My Friend to School’ – can you imagine what they do? They are very pleased to be working with us and will be offering some prizes of T-Shirts to special showcase pieces! Make sure you take part next week for more details. Do go and visit their website!


For this week, we are keeping things simple. We will are going to be joined by some writers who are learning English and they need a prompt that is easy to understand. So the prompt is:-

….. Suddenly I saw …..

As usual, you have 100 words to add to these 3. Please, please, please make sure you visit other entries to leave comments. Some of you are happy to get them but are not supporting other writers.

If you are new to the 100 Word Challenge do read ‘How to Enter the Challenges’ Do get in touch if you still have questions. The link will be open until 9pm on 19th June