Since the 100 Word Challenge started, we have had the pleasure of being supported by a number of companies. These firms may set the prompt occasionally, offer prizes or just support us by promoting the weekly prompts. Please click on their titles to be taken to their web sites for more information.

The Night Zoo Keeper

” Earlier this year, Night Zookeeper were lucky enough to set a prompt for the wonderful 100 Word Challenge. We put together something special that would spark the children’s imaginations, as we challenged them to write 100 words about an imaginary animal of their choice. The response was truly amazing, with over six hundred unique pieces of creative writing to look through. We were incredibly inspired throughout the week as there is something incredibly special about sharing in children’s creativity and seeing it develop and flourish before your eyes. The 100 Word Challenge inspires children each and every week as they begin to see the joy in writing for pleasure. We learnt a great deal about Night Zookeeper through taking part in the 100 Word Challenge, and we hope to take part again in the near future!”

The Gift of Words

“The Gift of Words Ltd believes profoundly that “Words have the power to uplift, inspire and transform us.” Where best, then, to explore the transformative power of words if not in childhood? Words can indeed inspire a young life to infinite possibility. HerMelness and The Gift of Words are, therefore, honoured to be a very vocal supporter of the genius that is the 100WC initiative”

BrainPop UK

“Getting kids excited about learning is key to BrainPOP UK and when we were invited to suggest a prompt for the 100 Word Challenge we were more than happy to accept. Rather than provide a written prompt we chose to animate ours, and created an exclusive 30sec movie. Tim & Moby hunted through a noisy jungle and stumbled upon a mysterious…well, that was up to the kids’ imaginations!We were overjoyed and in awe of the number and quality of the blog entries inspired by our prompt. We tried to comment on as many as we could. It was a privilege to work with the 100 Word Challenge team and wouldn’t hesitate for a single second to recommend the experience to other companies.”

Rising Stars

At Rising Stars we have a passion for helping children become enthusiastic readers and inspired writers. The 100 Word Challenge is a wonderful initiative that gives children of all abilities the confidence to write and to publish their carefully chosen words for the world to enjoy. It is a pleasure for us to support the 100 WC and to help spread the word to schools.