What the Teachers Say!

Jo Neale, St Nicholas & St Laurence Primary, Weymouth, UK


My students are from a small town in Michigan in the United States. They have little knowledge of the vastness of the world around them. When they receive comments from mentors in Ireland, the UK, Australia, and New Zeeland, it not only improves their writing, it encourages them to want to write more. Even more, it opens their eyes and connects them globally in ways that would otherwise not be possible.
This site has provided such an amazing opportunity for my students and me! I am so incredibly grateful for that!
Keep up the amazing work!

Michelle U’Ren, Pinewood Elementary


One of the most powerful aspects of the 100WC lies in the comments that children receive regularly on their writing. For our students, this creates a sense that their writing is worthwhile and it motivates them to try their best for their global audience. Therefore we would love to receive as many comments on the children’s work as possible! Please take the time to read our commenting guidelines; being able to write constructive and interesting comments is a big part of becoming a successful blogger and our students all learn and practise this valuable skill regularly!

Emmanuelle Pratt, Yahl Primary, South Australia


“The major challenge has been to get children writing, especially those who are disengaged and who do not see the point of writing.  By providing a short task with a prompt they can write in whichever way their creativity decides, and with the extended audience, children have seen the benefits of taking part in the weekly 100 word challenge. The quality of their writing has really improved as has the confidence the children have in themselves, as they strive to meet the challenges and impress the legend that has become Mrs Skinner.  What makes the 100 word challenge special and so wonderful is the way Mrs Skinner and her team leave thoughtful and personal comments on each and every post the children do.   As more and more children join the challenge, the children are given more and more opportunities to write and look at other children’s writing.  They themselves leave encouraging comments for other children as well as getting more ideas for their own writing. The opportunities for collaboration, peer and self assessment are endless.  Once the comments on their work began, their viewpoints about writing changed and the wonderful process of creating lifelong writers and learners began.

The children write in different genres and styles, each interpreting the challenge in their own unique way. It is clear from the children’s engagement, particularly participating in sessions outside of school hours, that the children enjoy reading comments from all around the world and enjoy this fun and creative writing opportunity.  Thank you Mrs Skinner, for all you have done for the writers in my classroom.”

Cherise Duxbury – High Lawn Primary, Bolton, UK


 The 100 word challenge has wholly captivated many of my year 5’s. Many eagerly await the time each week when Mrs Skinner releases the new prompt. It has astonished me the impact that the comments from the 100WC team have had. It has encouraged many of my timid but fantastic writers to share their work. It also reinforces the advice I give to the children, when they see it in comments from the 100WC team.  The challenge also gives the children a chance to see the creativity of others and that they can be as creative as they like with their writing. Thus impacting on their work in class.

Michelle Brayford – Brunswick House, London, UK