Week #39

I’ve been pinged!

Hello everyone from an isolated Julia! I had a ping on my phone telling me I had been in near contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid so I have to isolate for 10 days!

I’m a bit cross because I’ve had both my jabs & tested negative.

But that is the system at the moment.


Latest prompt

A bit of a mystery for this week. The prompt is:

…I just had to see what was inside…


The form will close at 23.45 GMT on 10th July

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Week#38 (21)

What are your August plans?

It might seem a strange question but some of you will be on holiday while others will be settling into your autumn curriculum. So, what will you be doing in August?

Do share in the comments below!

How imaginative are you?

If you think you have a good imagination, please send over some prompt ideas for our August challenge. You can make them are creative as you like!


The last published showcase can be found at Week#36

Latest prompt

The prompt this week sounds like there is a bit of a problem for someone!

It is:

…’ I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted…


The form will close on 3rd July at 23.45 GMT

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