Showcase Week#17

The prompt for Week #17 was a bicycle up a tree! Here are the lucky nominations!

Rethwick in Yr.5 at GES, Guilderland, NY, USA

Bartosz in 6th Class at St Molaga’s School, Balbriggan, Ireland

Libby in Yr.4 at Wildground Federation, M#Hants, UK

Artimes in Grade 7 at Bayview Glen, Toronto, Canada

Allison in Yr 8 at Immanuel Lutheran, Olivette MI, USA

Chloe in Yr. 5 at GES, Guilderland, NY, USA

Jun in Grade 5 at Elementary School, IL, USA

Yassine in Yr 6 at Gearies Primary, London, UK

Well done everyone!