Special Showcase – Week#7


This week we are going to Ash Class in Greenfields School in Shropshire. This piece from Grace is written of course but she has also provided us with a recorded reading!

“…so then I forgot it was leap year!” I finished as Mr Scoffing was pushed off the cliff, face red with anger and fear,
“Oh dear.” He mocked as he fell to his death. Then the forestpeople started dragging me away,
“You have helped us destroy the cities but you too must die! Bring out the tigers!” cried the forestmen. I was surprised how little it hurt. It felt like leaving an old friend though. My parents would have been sad how young I died but I felt fine. It’s funny how big a small thing can seem.

4 thoughts on “Special Showcase – Week#7

  1. Wow! So proud of you Grace – doing it for Greenfields! I love how you have shared your work with your voice.
    Mrs P

  2. Wow well done Grace that was gr8 u r really talented 🙂

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