Special Showcase#8

Last week’s prompt was this picture. Here is what Kene created. He goes to St Paul’s in Wood Green London. I think you’ll agree that it is quite a special piece of writing!

My mind is like a maze full of doors, each door leading to different dreams.

A strange door appeared in my dream world, it was black and dusty. I stepped inside, a hall way leading to a ball of bones. I wanted to leave but the door wouldn’t let me out, I found a wish bone lying in  the pile. I wished to escape.  I still couldn’t leave… I was trapped inside my own head. What was I supposed to do. Distant questions spun round in my head. My head was buzzing with despair. Know one would help me escape. No one.

4 thoughts on “Special Showcase#8

  1. Hi Kene, a fantastic piece of work. I’m so proud of you. This is your first entry in the 100wc and you’ve made the Special Showcase#8. Congratulations.

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