100 Word Challenge – Week#23

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As usual, you have used your imaginations with your writing prompted by the bones last week! Well done everyone. Do pop and read some if you haven’t done so yet! 

********** WEEK #22 SHOWCASE **********

Jessa at St Paul’s Primary

Tyler in Yr.3 at Galley Hill

Abdullah from Hyrstmount Junior School

Thomas from Our Lady’s, Prescott 

Macie in Yr.4 at Haworth Primary


This week we have seen a bit of a change in the weather so the prompt is:

….the weather changed for the worst…

As usual you have 100 words plus the 6 in the prompt making 106 altogether. If you are new to this challenge please read through ‘How to join 100WC’

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100 Word Challenge – Week#19


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Thank you all for your terrific entries last week. It is really great to see so many new schools from so many different countries! Do keep spreading the word with your quadblogging schools. If you didn’t get a chance to read some of last week’s posts click HERE
********** WEEK#18 SHOWCASE **********
Now for this week’s prompt and for something VERY Special! I gave the prompt to Mr Hitchen’s class at Falcon Girls School in West London and this is what they have done with it!!

Thanks to Holly, Milly and the girls. Do let me know if you would like to announce the prompt one week!

For those schools that cannot access You Tube here is the audio version from the girls!
100 Word Challenge Prompt from Falcons Girls (mp3)

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