100 Word Challenge – Week #24


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We had all sorts of weather changing last week! Here are some pieces that you might like to look at again:

**********WEEK #23 SHOWCASE **********

Amelia in Tigers at Lydd Primary School

Grace in Grade 6 at St John Vianney Catholic School

Abigail in P4 at Bankys School, Nigeria

Jess in Yr.3/4 at Moorfields Primary


 This week I’m making it a little more difficult because you are all SO good at writing wonderful creative pieces. You have five words that MUST be included in your writing so you can use 105 words only! The words are:

Carefully   Fifty   Spider   White   Pushed

Please try to highlight the words so that your readers can see them all. If you are unsure what you have to do please read the tabs at the top of the page. Do make asure you visit other entries to leave some comments. You may like to sign up to Blogadopt to share your work with other schools.

The link will close at midnight on 20th March