5 Sentence Challenge #5

Well done everyone for looking so carefully at the picture and for using your imagination to write some super sentences.

Here are a few to look at again

********** SHOWCASE #5 **********

Adam in Yr.1 at High Lawn

Jessica in Yr.1 Galley Hill

Joshua from Kip McGrath

Joshua in Yr.1 Brunswick House

Charlotte in Yr.2 at Moorlands Federation


This time, I want you to share in the celebrations for St Gorges Day. He was the patron saint of England and according to the stories, he fought a dragon and won.

So the theme for this time is: Dragons

I’m looking forward to seeing what you conjure up from your imaginations!

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100 Word Challenge – Week#27


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Welcome back everyone! Hope you had a great holidays and did not eat too many Easter eggs!

Here is the Showcase for Week #26

**********WEEK#26 SHOIWCASE **********

Morgan in Yr.3 at Brandlehow School

Charlie in Yr.5 at St Mary Redcliffe School

Tom in Yr.6 at High Lawn

Sarah in Yr.5 at Miriam Lord School


The prompt this week is linked to the 23rd April. For those of us in the UK it is St Georges Day. He is the patron saint of England and the legend tells of him slaying a dragon. So the prompt is:

…the dragon slowly stirred …

Don’t forget you only have 100 words so try to use them carefully. If you are new here please fill in a Sign Up form and read How to Enter 100WC

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