Week #1 (20)

glitter maker

I hope those of you who have had a long holiday had a great time & have come back refreshed & ready for some wonderful writing.

As always there are some great prompts for you to tackle & don’t forget if you have any suggestions just send them over.

We will be setting up hubs again so do have a think about collaborating with another class.

Don’t forget to:



Showcase news

As you know there has been a special challenge over July & august for those writers in our Southern Hemisphere schools & some have been nominated for the showcase. Here are the winners for Week# 9:

Emma in Yr.6 at St Joseph’s Catholic School, Morrinsville, New Zealand

Angus in Yr.5 at wise Owl Learning, Melbourne, Australia

Brooke in Yr.6 at St Joseph’s Catholic School, Morrinsville, New Zealand

All you have to do to be nominated is to send the number of the post & the name of the writer. They may be selected for a special Terry Culkin ‘toon’!

Latest prompt

We are starting the year with an interesting photo.

Things to think about:

  • Who are these men?
  • Why are they dressed like they are?
  • What does the conversation sound like?
  • Are they friends or foes?

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 14th September

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