Week #1

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I’m so excited about the new year here on 100WC and so glad you are joining me.

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Showcase news

There is a brand new showcase certificate and badge to be won by those selected for the showcase. Do let me have the details of any of your winners and I will send them over. Do check out the LAST SHOWCASE of 2015

Getting comments

Team 100 will not have specific numbers to comment on but theu will see leave your pupils lots of support. To make sure you get some comments why not link with other classes and support each other? Let me know if you would like to be linked with a particular year group or country and I’ll match you up!

First prompt

Once again, we have to say a big THANK YOU to Jane Hewitt, author of that brilliant book ‘Learning through a lens’  for another thought provoking photograph.

Jane Hewitt

Think beyond what you see. Ask yourself what on earth is going on? What are these men doing and why are they doing it?

Use the best creative words you can and remember you should only be using 100!

The link will close on Saturday 9th January at 23.45 GMT

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