Week #12

Check your newsletters

Our wonderful ‘artist in residence’ is in discussion about how he can provide a little ‘prize’ for a competition I am considering. Full details will be in your newsletters! If you are not receiving them (sent on Sundays) do get in touch.


Hub news

I am looking for classes of 7-8 year old writers to join together in a hub. A hub is 3 classes linked together from across the world that support each other with their 100 Word Challenge. If you are interested & can make the commitment, do complete      this form 

Showcase news

The most recent showcase was for Week#10. do check it out by clicking the tab at the top of the page.


Latest prompt

We have a bit of an odd situation for the prompt this week. I’m sure it will get your writers really delving into their imaginations! It is:

… we seemed to be on the television…

Once again we have a great graphic from Terrk Culkin on all our tweets so do look out for them.

The form will close at 23,45 UK time on 1st December

Sorry, you need to log in to enter the 100 Word Challenge. Login at https://100wc.net/wp-login.php or sign up at https://100wc.net/signup-2015/.

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