Week #19

Going Live!

Many of you ask what would I do with a prompt or how would I start to introduce it. There are lots of ways you can do it and it often depends on the prompt so trying to write a post about it can be restrictive.

SO…I thought I would set up a ‘live’ session where we can share ideas. Now when I say live that may not mean actually seeing and hearing each other. We could do it as a Twitter chat or use a hangout chat. If you would like to get frsh ideas for the latest prompts, let me know how you would like it to happen. HERE

Showcase news

This week’s showcase is for the prompt about the weather. If your class took part, check it out to see if you have a winner HERE

Don’t forget, just send me the ID number and name of any posts you have enjoyed and would like to see showcased!


Latest prompt

As you can see, the prompt this week is a picture. It is actually a photograph of an art installation by Luke Jerram of boats in Bristol’s Leigh Woods. You can read more about it HERE

As usual, what does the picture say? what story does it tell? There are lots of why and where’s to be asked this week!


The form will close on 4th February at 11.45pm GMT.


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23911Jack K5th ClassSt. Stephen's De La SalleWaterford, Ireland100wc.net
23910Bartek5th ClassSt. Stephen's De La SalleWaterford, Ireland100wc.net
23909LucasY5St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
23908DarceyY4St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
23907ScarlettY5St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
23906AliciaY4St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
23905NeveY5St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
23903ShafiY4Green Dragon Primary SchoolBrentfordprimaryblogger.co.uk
23902OrlaY4Green Dragon Primary SchoolBrentfordprimaryblogger.co.uk
23901FatimaY4Green Dragon Primary SchoolBrentfordprimaryblogger.co.uk
23896Kiara5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hillsedublogs.org
23895Joselito Jr5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hillsedublogs.org
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2 thoughts on “Week #19

  1. All I’ve ever dreamed of was being a captain of a ship. My dad said he didn’t pick favorites, but I was obviously the one. He wanted to do everything he could to help fulfill my dream. Every day we would take adventures through the woods, looking for piers to see all the ships. On my 10th birthday, we went on long trip. My dad surprised me with an abandoned shipyard. I don’t know where the water went, or how he found this amazing site, but with the shipyard, I could finally be a captain, even of an abandoned ship.

  2. Charlie and I were set out for France but what we didn’t know was that the rainy season had just begun. The sea tossed us and twisted until. Beauty the VI (our ship) crashed into an island, but not just any island t’was The Island Of Jimmy Red Beard. T’was a legend that Redbeard lived on tis very Island and one day he heard the rumbling of an Anaconnda snake he took all his belongingings but left one piece of treasure which has been hidden for 1000 years. Charlie and I then heard footsteps we started running then BOOM Charlie disappeared…

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