Week #2

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Hello you scrumdiddlyumptious human beans! This is a special gobblefunking prompt to celebrate the 100th birthday of the wonderful author Roald Dahl!

Now you will all have your favourites I’m sure. Is it:

  • BFG (Big Friendly Giant)
  • James (with his peach)
  • Charlie ( with his golden ticket)
  • George (with his marvellous medicine)
  • Matilda ( who is very clever)
  • The Twits ( an odd couple always trying to out-do each other)
  • Willy Wonka ( with his chocolate factory)
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

…and many many more. Which is YOUR favourite?


100 Word CHallenge Week#2



I recently went to see the film ‘The BFG’. I’ve not read the book but I understand the film is very like it and I really enjoyed it. For those of you who do not know the story:

A little, orphan girl called Sophie, gets kidnapped by the Big Friendly Giant because she saw him blowing dreams into the windows of children. He catches dreams and stores them in glass jars in his cave in Giant Country. He doesn’t want to hurt Sophie and explains (in his very muddled vocabulary) about the awful giants who live near him who are ‘cannybulls’. Together Sophie and the BFG manage to persuade the Queen to help them get rid of some awful giants by mixing a special dream.


Special Prompt

Have you ever woken from a dream and been able to trace back where all the bits came from? Well that’s what the BFG does with his dream catcher net and then he bottles each bit to mix them together.

Some of you may not know the work of Roald Dahl so for this special prompt you can choose.

  • You can choose to be your favourite character and tell the story of an adventure you go on. Don’t retell Mr. Dahl’s version, create your own!


  • You can mix a dream for someone. Think about their character and what sort of dream you would like them to have. What happens when they wake up?

The form will close on 17th September.

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 ID Name Year School Location Link
13783Abbey5Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13597Ainsleigh7karori normalnew zealandedublogs.org
13784Alex5Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13599Amelie8Karori normal schoolWellington, New Zealandedublogs.org
13670Charlie5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13785BJ4Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13786Brianna5Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13666Muna5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13671Eliza5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13663Mitchell C5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13664Edward5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13675Ruth5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13787Cohen4Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13876Lachlan4Merrylands East Public SchoolSydney, NSW, Australiaedublogs.org
13788Dakota4Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13734Deepika5British International SchoolPhuketblogspot.com
13673Gahan5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13789Ella5Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13704Ella4Huntley psVictoria Australiavic.edu.au
13790Emily5Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13791Manny4Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13792Ethan4Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13865Ethan8Karori Normal SchoolWellington, New Zealandedublogs.org
13600Eva.w7Karori Normal SchoolWellington, New Zealandedublogs.org
13598Evelyn8Karori Normal SchoolWellington, New Zealandedublogs.org
13669Mekayla5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13774Mia5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13736Holly5British International SchoolPhuketblogspot.com
14007Angel6th gradeLakeview Middle SchoolWatsonville,California U.S.Ahttpkidblog.org
13602Ines7karori normal schoolwellington,Nzedublogs.org
13793Jett4Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13672Jordan5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13794Josh4Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13834j5WestwoodBradford on Avonjuliasplace.org.uk
13729Gian6Carew Peel Forest SchoolCanterbury, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
13726Adrian5Carew Peel Forest SchoolCanterbury, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
13732Shelby5Carew Peel Forest SchoolCanterbury, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
13728Daniel6Carew Peel Forest SchoolCanterbury, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
13846Zoe5Carew Peel Forest SchoolCanterbury, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
13849Sophie6Carew Peel Forest SchoolCanterbury, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
13845Crystal5Carew Peel Forest SchoolCanterbury, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
13730Ian5Carew Peel Forest SchoolCanterbury, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
13847Logan5Carew Peel Forest SchoolCanterbury, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
13731Sami5Carew Peel Forest SchoolCanterbury, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
13870Laura5British International SchoolPhuketblogspot.com
13735Liam5British International SchoolPhuketblogspot.com
13795Lily5Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13833Ana & Ruby3Westwood-with-IfordWestwoodwestwoodblogs.org
13840Susan4Westwood-with-IfordWestwood, Englandwestwoodblogs.org
13838Lennie & Erin4Westwood-with-IfordWestwoodwestwoodblogs.org
13842Jenna & Janko4Westwood-with-IfordWestwood, Englandwestwoodblogs.org
13839Anna & Zak3Westwood-with-IfordWestwoodwestwoodblogs.org
13837Matthew & Sophie4Westwood-with-IfordWestwoodwestwoodblogs.org
13603Lucas7Karori NormalWellington New Zealandedublogs.org
13871Lucy5British International SchoolPhuketblogspot.com
13667Madyson5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13674Josh5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13662Mitchell H5Bourchier Street Primary SchoolShepparton, Australiavic.edu.au
13782Mollie5Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13796Molly4Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13881Lauren6th ClassSt.Mary's PPSDrogheda, Irelandweebly.com
13908Sean6thMr. Hanlon's 6th Class, St.Mary's PPSDrogheda, Irelandweebly.com
13906Kevin6thMr. Hanlon's 6th Class, St.Mary's PPSDrogheda, Irelandweebly.com
13907Aoife M6thMr. Hanlon's 6th Class, St.Mary's PPSDrogheda, Irelandweebly.com
13904Catherine6thMr. Hanlon's 6th Class, St.Mary's PPSDrogheda, Irelandweebly.com
13905Richard6thMr. Hanlon's 6th Class, St.Mary's PPSDrogheda, Irelandweebly.com
13797Natalie5Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13677nicholas8Karori normal schoolwellingtonedublogs.org
13798Nikita5Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13799Oliver4Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13943Charlie5Westwood with IfordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13952Dylan6Westwood with ifordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13949Finn6Westwood with IfordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13948Georgie5Westwood with ifordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13945Joshua5Westwood with IfordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13942Jay5Westwood with IfordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13944Isaac5Westwood with IfordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13947Alfie5Westwood with ifordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13946Fred5Westwood with IfordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13951Daniel5Westwood with IfordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13953Eleanor5Westwood with IfordBradford-on-Avonwestwoodblogs.org
13800Oriana5Yahl PrimaryYahl, Australiaedublogs.org
13815Chantel6Our lady of lourdesbury,england,ukprimaryblog.net
13689Mallie6our lady of lourdesBury,ukprimaryblog.net
13757AlexYear 5Our Lady of LourdesBury,Englandprimaryblog.net
13687AmmaraYear 6Our Lady of LourdesBury, Lancs,Englandprimaryblog.net
13844Ben6Our Lady Of LourdesBury, Englandprimaryblog.net
13760Benjamin6Our lady of lourdesBury Manchester Lancashire Englandprimaryblog.net
13843CallumYear 6OLOLBury,Englandprimaryblog.net
13685Joshua TYear 6Our Lady Of LourdesBury,Englandprimaryblog.net
13759Keenan6Our Lady Of LourdesManchester, UKprimaryblog.net
13744LukeYear 6OurLadyOfLourdesBury,Englandprimaryblog.net
13841MaisieYear 6Our Lady Of LourdesBury Englandprimaryblog.net
13619MatthewY6Our Lady of LourdesBury, Englandprimaryblog.net
13781Mia6our lady of lourdesburyprimaryblog.net
13811MollyYear 6Our Lady of LourdesBury, Englandprimaryblog.net
13754Nia6Our Lady of LourdesEngland, Buryprimaryblog.net
13686JoshuaYear 6Our Lady Of LourdesBury,ukprimaryblog.net
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