Week #22

###Hello from New Zealand!###

As I post this prompt, we are on our way from South Island to North Island in New Zealand! We have had a fabulous time so check out the newsletter for all the details.

While we were in Christchurch, I was able to visit Selwyn House School and spend time with the girls and staff. They made me very welcome so – Thank You!

Showcase news

The showcase for Week #20 can be seen HERE

Do tweet out the link if you are on Twitter!

This week’s prompt 

For the prompt this week, I thought we would do something a little different. Rather than having part of a sentence or some individual words we have a theme. you can take it anywhere you want to! it is:


You could tell your readers what makes you laugh or how you feel when you laugh. you might like to recount a funny story to make your readers laugh. Bring tears to our eyes!

The form will close on 25th February

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 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete
25802FrankieY6The Richmond SchoolSkegness, Englandblogspot.com
25801KirstenY6The Richmond SchoolSkegness, Englandblogspot.com
25793ArchieYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25792Briannon5Shelton SchoolNorfolk, UKsheltonschool.co.uk
25791Tiernan5Shelton SchoolNorfolk, UKsheltonschool.co.uk
25790Saffron4Shelton SchoolNorfolk, UKsheltonschool.co.uk
25789Ronan6Shelton SchoolNorfolk, UKsheltonschool.co.uk
25788Ollie5Shelton SchoolNorfolk, UKsheltonschool.co.uk
25787Theo4Shelton SchoolNorfolk, UKsheltonschool.co.uk
25786David4Shelton SchoolNorfolk, UKsheltonschool.co.uk
25785Monty4Shelton SchoolNorfolksheltonschool.co.uk
25784Francesca6Shelton SchoolNorfolksheltonschool.co.uk
25783Edward6Shelton SchoolNorfolksheltonschool.co.uk
25782Octavia3Shelton SchoolNorfolksheltonschool.co.uk
25781William3Welton Primary SchoolMidsomer Nortonwordpress.com
25780Isabella5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25779MeridaYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25778KianaYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25777SerenYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25776CalebYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25775BenYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25774MunveerYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25773Lucy MiYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25772Jake FYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25771Jade5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25770StanleyYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25769Brayden5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25768Lucy MeYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25767RosieYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25766HannahYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25765HarryYear 5Ley Hill SchoolChesham, UKkidblog.org
25764Kenny5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25763Layla5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25762Zach5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25761Kayleigh5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25760Chet5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25759Bella5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25758Daniel5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25757Alyssa5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25756Aiden5th GradeBlissfield ElementaryBlissfield, MI USAedublogs.org
25755Anya6Vauvert PrimaryGuernseyprimaryblog.net
25754HudsonYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
25753Mya3Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
25752Susan4Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
25751Charlie4Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
25750Tula3Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
25749mig-116Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25748no no no ahh no5Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25747meowstir5Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25746lol1235Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25745bigboy40146Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25744rainbow#25Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25743MMAfighter6Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25742pastel_flower6Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25741dark soul6Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25740russian knight6Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25739yellowman6Wild Rose ElementaryAlberta, Canadaweebly.com
25738RobynGrade 6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25737Kiragrade 6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25736Hamiltongrade 6University laboratory schoolHonolulu HI USA100wc.net
25735JennaGrade 6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25734Rachel6th gradeUniversity Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25733MairaGrade 6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25732JessicaGrade 6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25731Brady6 GradeUniversity Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25730KaylaGrade 6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25729MichaellaGrade 6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25728KassidyGrade 6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu HI USA100wc.net
25727Tiara6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25726ReaganGrade 6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25725QuinceeGrade 6University Laboratory SchoolHonolulu, HI USA100wc.net
25724Zack6Tirlebrook Primary SchoolTewkesbury, Englandweebly.com
25723Danny6Tirlebrook Primary SchoolTewkesbury, Englandweebly.com
25722CarolineYear 7Selwyn House SchoolChristchurchblogspot.co.nz
25721LizzieYear 7Selwyn House SchoolChristchurchblogspot.co.nz
25720AliceYear 7Selwyn House SchoolChristchurchblogspot.co.nz
25719SophieYear 7Selwyn House SchoolChristchurchblogspot.co.nz
25718AmeliaYear 7Selwyn House SchoolChristchurchblogspot.co.nz
25716JoeFiveCrosshall Junior SchoolUK100wc.net
25715AstonFiveCrosshall Junior SchoolUK100wc.net
25714SamiFiveCrosshall Junior SchoolUK100wc.net
25713AnnabelFiveCrosshall Junior SchoolUK100wc.net
25712GraceFiveCrosshall Junior SchoolUK100wc.net
25711FreddyFiveCrosshall Junior SchoolUK100wc.net
25710Anna4ClevesWeybridge Surreyblogspot.co.uk
25709Rayne5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, Qld, Australiaedublogs.org
25708Grace5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, Qld, Australiaedublogs.org
25707Jasmine5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, Qld, Australiaedublogs.org
25706say law lah7North PSMount Gambier Australiaedublogs.org
25705tai7North PSMount Gambier Australiaedublogs.org
25703cameron7North PSMount Gambier Australiaedublogs.org
25702bailey6North PSMount Gambier Australiaedublogs.org
25701bae nae7North PSMount Gambier Australiaedublogs.org
 ID Name Year School Location LinkEditDelete

3 thoughts on “Week #22

  1. All around, laughter filled the air. Nothing could be heard but laughter. In a room full of students, I was left in a maze of other people’s conversations. There was tell of a funny joke, fun some girls had over the weekend, and others laughing because they see themselves as comedians. Who even knows where the teacher was at. I was alone, no one to share a laugh with. Where did I go wrong?

  2. Laughter is a great thing it makes you feel better even when you’re in your darkest times and you think you’ll never smile again. Laughing has many benefits for example some may say laughter burns calories. Another interesting fact about laughter is that it’s very contagious in a good way not like the flu or strep throat.

  3. All he could do was laugh. Knowing he crushed my heart in his hands and made my depression worse just wouldn’t stop him. He couldn’t help it he had to make me the laughing stock of the eighth grade. He had to laugh in my face every time I slit my wrists or took another pill. He thought it was all a joke. But alas he could never understand he had a stone cold heart…that never loved anyone.

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