Week #27 (19)

The last one before the holidays!

Did you know that there are only two occasions when schools in both hemispheres are on holiday? That is Christmas & Easter. So, this will be the last prompt for a couple of weeks. The next one will be published on 28th April.

Do let us know your Easter holiday arrangements. We love to know about other parts of the world!

Hub news

Do watch your mailboxes for the details of your new hubs. We still need more classes from the UK/Ireland/ Europe/ Australia. Just complete the form HERE 

Latest prompt

We have a great graphic from Terry Culkin for this week’s prompt! Watch for it on Twitter!

The prompt is:

…but it is the wrong colour!…

Things to consider:

  • What is ‘IT’?
  • What colour should it be?
  • Does it matter what colour it is?


The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 6th April

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