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The last challenge will be on 5th July!

The challenge this week is looking for you to use your senses. What will you see, hear, smell or touch? The prompt is:

… so as she lifted the lid…

Make sure you only write using this prompt.

The form will close on Saturday 30th May.

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17 thoughts on “Week#34

  1. I am recommending post 712 for the Showcase this week.

  2. Link to 356 not working – entry numbers haven’t reached as far as my second number. Feel free to send me any numbers that need comments this week!

  3. Entry number 374’s link doesn’t work – it sends you to a log-in page rather than the blog entry.

  4. I am recommending post 303 for the showcase this week.

  5. link #540 could only be commented on through a Google account.

  6. Unfortunately Post 22 by Amy from Takapuna Primary School isn’t allowing comments other than by Google account.

  7. I think post #187 was very well written and I’m recommending it for the showcase =)

  8. I was unable to access Google for #400-Zena.
    Can you post for me. I also nominate Zena for the showcase.

    Hi Zena
    What wonderfully descriptive words…and what a good story.
    You have created a sense of mystery and that is not easy to do.
    Don’t forget to read through your story when you have finished. Can you spot the spelling mistake?
    Think about using shorter sentences…that first sentence left me breathless.
    Great ending and great story Zena! More please.
    Greg T

  9. I was unable to leave a comment for Jack, number 36, because I didn’t have the required logins. Please post for me!

    This 100 word challenge has lots of great description, Jack! I really like how you’ve written “moaned” and “groaned” because this repetition of sound is really nice to read! Don’t forget to finish your sentences though – what did you forget?! Keep up the great work!

  10. #397 doesn’t link to a specific post just a generic create your own blog website

  11. I loved piece 142 I recommend it for the showcase it was faultless except for one tense error

  12. I am supposed to comment on prompt 521. There is no post for week 34 from that student. It links to their home page with no story for week 34 only a story for week 33.

  13. Tried to comment on 580, but it takes me to a page with several entries no more recent than May 19th???

  14. I have commented on post 657 and it went through for approval but it still hasn’t appeared.

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