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This week I want you to think about another sense – taste. Just think of all the delicious or unpleasant things we eat. The prompt is:

…but it made my tongue tingle…

Make sure you think about your writing before you publish and really make it as imaginative as you can. Please check your links and your spelling and punctuation.

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  1. Entry 689 is wrongly attributed to Martha. it was actually written by Kira. Sorry

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  4. Hi Julia, just wanted to let you know that link 307 does not have any post to comment on. Thanks 🙂

    Cherise x

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  7. Entry #894 is not correctly linked – there’s no entry.

    • Hi,
      I found Fiachra’s entry for #894 on the class blog and I’ve left a comment.

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    Sorry to both.

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  12. #16- won’t take my comment

    Hi Angus and thank you for entering the 100 WC this week! Poor Tim! I feel so sorry for him, losing his tongue after he went to all the trouble of choosing his sherbet so very carefully- it seems very harsh! You obviously have a vivid imagination and you didn’t waste a single word, which is good. For next time, I would say double check your spellings- the aisle in a shop has an ‘a’ at the beginning- and try to include more description, so that the reader can easily imagine a picture in his or her head. Well done and keep writing!
    Mrs Davis, Team 100, Cambridgeshire, UK

  13. Hi Julia,

    #266 requires a Google account or other platforms which I don’t have, in order to comment.
    Here is my comment if you can add it?

    “Helen Briscoe (Team100WC)
    I really enjoyed this 100WC Olivia. You have used some fantastic vocabulary words (tentatively, succulent) to really bring atmosphere to your story. The ending is very clever too! Great writing – well done :)”



  14. 316 seems to be a class page with lots of their 100 words. I don’t really want to do them all! Is there a named piece I should be focusing on?
    Also 966 is a piece from May 15th. I commented anyway. Not a successful week! Sorry

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  18. I wrote a comment for 39 and it hasn’t come up although said it was waiting for moderation…please check your spam.

    689, only allows members to comment…Here is what I wrote.

    Hello Masa,

    What a lovely 100 Word Challenge. You have really used the prompt well and I am impressed with the range of punctuation you have included. Speech is a great way to help a story progress and you have used it well. Although remember that a new speaker needs a new line.
    What a wonderful imagination you have, you use some great phrases.
    Keep up the great work.

  19. #32 message failed to load post

  20. Unable to leave a comment on #1145. I’m not sure it’s a correct link, there is a very long entry and only one small part relates to the 100 w/c

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