Week #38 (22)

Three more to go!

Now that the decision has been made for me to step away from 100 Word Challenge, it seems strange to be counting down to the last on which will be published on 10th July

If you have a free blog that we provided for your class, please make sure you let me know if you want to keep it. Otherwise, we will close it on 17th July. Thank you to those of you who have already been in touch!


Once again we only have on showcase for Week #36.

Casey in Yr.6 at St Joseph’s Catholic School, Morrinsville, New Zealand

Well done Casey!


Latest prompt

The prompt this week is 5 words. They must all go into the writing but can be in any order. They are:


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 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link
94499Nguyễn Mai Phú Thái4TH Green Field Đoàn Thị ĐiểmVietnamseesaw.me
94502Hoàng Vĩnh Trí3TH Nguyễn TrãiQuảng Trị, Vietnamseesaw.me
94495Nick6THCS Chánh LộQuảng Ngãi, Vietnamseesaw.me
94483Darryl6St Joseph's Catholic SchoolMorrinsville, New Zealand100wc.net
94505Kalinda5St Joseph’s Catholic SchoolMorrinsville, New Zealand100wc.net
94506Maggie6St Joseph’s Catholic SchoolMorrinsville, New Zealand100wc.net
94484Byron4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94485Oscar Z.4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94486Freya4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94487Lacey4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94488Joshua H.4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94489Faith4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94490Sienna S.4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94491Gracie-Jo4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94492Josh P.4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94493Evie4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94494Annie4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
94501Rex4TH Trưng TrắcHưng Yên, Vietnamseesaw.me
94497Shinichi4TH Nguyễn KhuyếnHồ Chí Minh city, Vietnamseesaw.me
94503Madgeee6Lê Văn ThiêmHà Tĩnh, Vietnamseesaw.me
94496Lucy5TH Yên ViênHà Nội, Vietnamseesaw.me
94498May5TH Tây Đằng BHà Nội, Vietnamseesaw.me
94504Axzyte5TH&THCS Newton 5Hà Nội, Vietnamseesaw.me
94477Louisa5Cockerham CE PrimaryCockerham, Lancs, U.K.seesaw.me
94479HudsonYear 6Cockerham CE PrimaryCockerham, Lancs, U.K.seesaw.me
94480BenYear 5Cockerham CE PrimaryCockerham, Lancs, U.K.seesaw.me
94481JackYear 6Cockerham CE PrimaryCockerham, Lancs, U.K.seesaw.me
94478Pippa5Cockerham CE PrimaryCockerham CE Primary, Lancs, U.K.seesaw.me
94500Sherry5TH Tôn Đức ThắngBình Thuận, Vietnamseesaw.me
 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link