Week #4 (21)

The first month has nearly gone by!

Where has this year gone? It won’t be long before we are celebrating Christmas. Here in the UK there have been some commentators saying that Christmas is cancelled but I hope not & we can all celebrate in our own ways but safely.


This was the prompt with the boots in the haystack! Here are the nominations:

Noah in Yr.8 at Oamaru Intermediate School, New Zealand

Jasmine in 5th Class at St Molaga’s School, Balbriggan, Ireland

Max in Yr.5 at Ponsonby SChool, Auckland, New Zealand

Eden in 5th Class at St Molaga’s School, Dublin, Ireland

Apple in Yr.4 at St Andrew’s School, Adelaide, Australia

Grace in Yr.5 at Minera Aided School, Wrexham, Wales

Alex in 5th Class at St Colman’s School, Cork, Ireland

Well done everyone!


Latest prompt

This week we have 5 words that all have to be in your writing but they can be in any order. They are:



The form will close on 3rd October at 23.45 UK time


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 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link
81547AdysonYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
81550AidanYear 6Bayview Glen Public SchoolMarkham, ONblogspot.com
81551MeganYear 6Bayview Glen Public SchoolMarkham, ONblogspot.com
81552alangr 5bayview glen PSmarkham ONblogspot.com
81553MelissaYear 6Bayview Glen Public SchoolMarkham, ONblogspot.com
81554Ava6baywiew glen public schoolmarkham ON CAblogspot.com
81556Colby5Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81557Cam Cam6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81558Devynn6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81559Luka5Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81560Isabella6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81561JuliaYear 6Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
81562ChaseYear 6Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
81563AisleyYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
81564Alex K5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81565Daniel5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81566Deivydas5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81567Dylan5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81568Gavin5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81569Jayden5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81570Keelan5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81571Rian5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81572Sam5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81574Ellen & Laura5th ClassNewinn G.N.S. 5th/6th classCo. Tipperaryedublogs.org
81575Cara & Shóna5th ClassNewinn G.N.S. 5th/6th classCo. Tipperaryedublogs.org
81576Maeve and Niamh6th ClassNewinn G.N.S. 5th/6th classCo. Tipperaryedublogs.org
81577Lucy - Emma5th ClassNewinn G.N.S. 5th/6th classCo. Tipperaryedublogs.org
81578Clíodhna and Isabelle5th ClassNewinn G.N.S. 5th/6th classCo. Tipperaryedublogs.org
81579Sophie & Kate F6th ClassNewinn G.N.S. 5th/6th classCo. Tipperaryedublogs.org
81580Kate H & Molly6th ClassNewinn G.N.S. 5th/6th classCo. Tipperaryedublogs.org
81581Ella and Brianna6th ClassNewinn G.N.S. 5th/6th classCo. Tipperaryedublogs.org
81582Catherine- Emily6th ClassNewinn G.N.S. 5th/6th classCo. Tipperaryedublogs.org
81583spencer5bayview glen public schoolMarkham,ONblogspot.com
81586Pops6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81587Brent6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81588JoshuaYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
81589NekodaYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
81590CJYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
81591BenjaminYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
81593Ellen OP7St Clare's Abbey P.S.Newry, N.Irelandseesaw.me
81594Ellen McP7St Clare's Abbey P.S.Newry, N.Irelandseesaw.me
81595Alex O C5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81596Brian5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81597Lucas5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81598IslaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81599MatveiYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81600Timmy5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81601HannaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81602AimiliaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81603MiaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81604NikoYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81605Ji SungYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81606Eun GyuYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81607Jae MinYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81608Luka MYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81609WilliamYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81610MertYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81611BukiYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81612MatejaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81613AnyaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81614PerinaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81615Luka NYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81616AdamYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81617VitoYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81618SofijaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81619SophiaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81620SnezanaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81621AnastasijaYear 8British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81622PavelYear 8British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81623PetraYear 8British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81624JovanaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
81627James6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81628Brooke5Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81629Tatum5Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81630Camden6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81631Magoo6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81632Mikayla6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81633Hulia5Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
81634DylanYear 8Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
81635Sydney SYear 8Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
81636LeilaniYear 8Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
81637SantinoYear 8Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
81638Braydengrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81639Nikolagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81640Brydangrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81641Alexandergrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81642Joshuagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81643Viviangrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81644Juliettegrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81645Juliannagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81646Lukegrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81647Kalinagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81648Ericgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81649Jamesgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81650Nategrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81651JacksonYear 7Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
81652LilyYear 6Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
81653HaydenYear 6Wise Owl LearningMelbourne, Australiawiseowllearning.com.au
81654LR14Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
81655Faye4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
81656LR24Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
81657Megan4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
81658Bray5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81659Olivia5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81660Jake5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81661Ella5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81662Cera5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81663Thien5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81664Matti5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81665Brooke5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81666Elli5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81667Avita5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81668Nathan5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81669Tadhg5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81670Rose5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81671Rorí5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81672Nathan5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81673Mya5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSBremore, Balbriggan100wc.net
81674Luke5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81675Kyle5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81676Kayleigh5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81677Katie5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81678Jasmin5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81679Emma5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81680Eden5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81681Daniels5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81682Daniel5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81683Callum5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81684Ben5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81685Amy5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81686Alfie5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81687Ashton5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81688Aaron5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
81689Bella4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
81690Lily-May4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
81691Denlan4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
81692Austin5th gradeSemper ElementaryWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
81693Vasiliosgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81694Markgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81695Fostergrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81696Brodiegrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81697Evangrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
81698AlexYear 2Wise Owl LearningMelbourne, Australiawiseowllearning.com.au
81699Amina5GESatFMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
81700Joey5GESatFMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
81702EmmaB5GESatFMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
81703Crosby5GESatFMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
81704Jackie5GESatFMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
81705Hannah5GESatFMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
81706Morgan5GESatFMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
81707BrianS5GESatFMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
81708Alex4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81709Ashton4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81710Bryan4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81711Cayden4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81712Charlie4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81713David Hy.4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81714Donagh4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81715Filip4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81716Jack V.4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81717Jake4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81718Jakub4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81719James4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81720Karol4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81721Leon4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81722Micheál4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81723Nikodem4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81724Oran4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
81725Tom4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link

2 thoughts on “Week #4 (21)

  1. Hi Julia,
    We are off to a rocky start. At our school we are teaching both groups, in person kids as well as remote (online) learners, at the same time. The teachers are responsible for both groups. That is quite a challenge. We all started online for the first two weeks and came back to school following Labor Day in the USA. Our second week back, one of my students tested positive. Therefore, our entire class (we keep the kids isolated in cohorts) was sent home, as were the music and PE teachers, and our educational assistant. The kids who rode the same bus as the positive student were also quarantined. We just finished our remote learning and are returning to school tomorrow. We’ll see what surprises come this week.

  2. Hello Julia,
    Mary here, reporting from the South of Ireland.

    YES – We feel very much out of our comfort zone here as well.
    We returned to school at the end of August …and although very different …it is great to be back.
    In our school, each class and their teacher stay very much on their own everyday – no interacting with others with staggered starting / finishing & break times.

    Other than LOTS of hand-washing and teachers wearing masks, school is continuing very much as normal albeit with no visiting teachers or trips out.

    Delighted to be back to 100WC. It was one of the only things that didn’t change during lockdown.
    Thank you and TEAM 100WC for all you do.

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