Week#1 ’18

It’s so good to see you here!

Welcome back those of you who have been on holiday. We missed you!

While you’ve been away, lots of exciting things have been happening which you will see over the next few weeks.

Do you tweet?

As you know I use twiutter a great deal for promoting the challenge. We have now set up #100wcCHAT which is a chance for folks interested in all aspects of writing and creativity to chat together. It starts at 9pm UK time on Wednesdays so do come and join us. don’t forget the tag #100wcCHAT

Showcase reminder

Now that we are all back, the showcase will be published on the following Thursday to the prompt. So Week#1 ’18 showcase will be published on 21st September.

There were some suggestions from the August prompts and here they are:

Esther in 6th Class at St Molaga’s School, Balbriggan, Ireland

Charlie in Yr.6 at Westwood with Iford Primary, Wilts, UK

Estella in Moonee Ponds School, Australia

Mercedes in 6th class at St Molaga’s School, Dublin, Ireland

Congratulations and don’t forget to claim your certificate and blog badge!

Comments from Team 100

Over the summer, Team 100 has grown but we still need lots more people to join in. The commitment is 5 posts each week. If you know anyone who could spare 20 minutes each week, please get them to fill out the form HERE

Latest prompt

This year there will be a variety of prompts as before but in the things to consider, there may be suggestions of elements of grammar you might like to use. These are only suggestions! As always, you can write about anything that the prompt brings to mind.

We start this year with:

…so, what lies ahead of…

Things to consider:

  • When was this happening?
  • Is this referring to a time, place or activity?
  • Good punctuation with full stops and capital letters

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 16th September


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 ID Name Year School Location Link
34188AaronY6St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
34187EddieY6St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
34186FinleyY6St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
34178LilyY6St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
34166Lola6St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
34167Lucas6St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
34176SophiaY6St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
34177SammyY6St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
34164Scarlett6St BarnabasUKprimaryblogger.co.uk
33779Emma Th5JSt Anthony'salexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
33780Abbey5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
33781Alexxiah5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
33986Rayne5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
33987Broc5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
33988Jasmine5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
33894Daniel5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
33989Bianca5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
33892Grace5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
34092Kylie5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
34091Joselito5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
34090Siennah5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
34089Shyla5JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, QLD, Australiaedublogs.org
33821BradleyYr 8Southwell SchoolHamilton, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
34001CharlieYr 8Southwell SchoolHamilton, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
33891Corbin8Southwell SchoolHamilton, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
33824Rylee8Southwell SchoolHamilton, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
34071alexia8larue county middle schoolhodgenville,kentuckyedublogs.org
34065Amber8Larue County Middle SchoolHodgenville, Kentuckyedublogs.org
33815Andrew8Karori NormalWellington NZedublogs.org
33877Anoushka8Karori NormalWellington,New Zealandedublogs.org
34067Audrey8Larue County Middle SchoolHodgenville, Kentuckyedublogs.org
34154Ella4th gradeShady grove elementry schoolGlen Allen, Richmond,Virginia,USAk12.va.us
34155Alex2017-2018Shady Grove elementaryU.S.A, Glen Allen VAk12.va.us
34159Duru4th gradeShady Grove ElementaryRichmond , Virginia, USA.k12.va.us
34165Ella.v4th gradeshady grove elementaryGlen Allen ,Richmond, Virginia, USAk12.va.us
34163Hasita4th gradeShady Grove ElementaryRichmond, Va ,USA glen allenk12.va.us
34158Lara4th gradeShady Grove ElementaryVirginia, United States Of Americak12.va.us
34156Connor4th gradeShady Grove ElementryGlen Allen, Virginia USAk12.va.us
34157Ava4th gradeShady Grove Elementary SchoolGlen Allen VA,USAk12.va.us
34190Yates5th gradeSGESUSA Virginia henricok12.va.us
34203Juju5th gradeShady GroveGlen Alen, Virginiak12.va.us
34028Brett5thShady GroveGlen Allen, Virginiak12.va.us
34198Steven5th gradeshady groveVa,Glen Allenk12.va.us
34302Molly5th gradeShady Grove ElementaryVirginia,USAk12.va.us
34173Zavier5th gradeShady Grove ElementaryRichmond VA,USAk12.va.us
34303Alice5th gradeShady Grove ElementaryRichmond VA, USAk12.va.us
34200Sahana5thShady Grove ElementaryU.S.A, Glen Allen, Virginiak12.va.us
34196AlexYear 5Shady Grove ElementraryGlen Allen, USAk12.va.us
34204Aarushi5th gradeShady GroveGlen Allen VA,USAk12.va.us
34300Landon5th gradeShady Grove ElementaryRichmond VA, USAk12.va.us
34202Albert5th GradeShady Grove Elementary SchoolGlen Allen, VAk12.va.us
34301Allyfifth gradeShady Grove ElementaryVirginia, USAk12.va.us
34201Ella5th GradeShady Grove ElementaryRichmond, VA USAk12.va.us
34207LiahGrade 5Shady GroveUSA VAk12.va.us
34206Shreya5th GradeShady Grove Elementary SchoolVirginia USAk12.va.us
34306Aaryan5th GradeShady Grove Elementary SchoolRichmond VA, USAk12.va.us
34305Emily5th gradeShady Grove ElementaryVa USAk12.va.us
34304Shivan5th GradeShady Grove Elementary SchoolRichmond VA, USAk12.va.us
34192Delaney5th gradeShady GroveRichmond, VA, USAk12.va.us
34199Emma5th GradeShady Grove ElementaryRichmond, VA USAk12.va.us
34197Jahnavi5th GradeShady Grove ElementaryVA, USAk12.va.us
34308Kavi5 GradeShady Grove Elem. SchoolGlen Allen, Va, U.S.Ak12.va.us
34307Miku5th gradeShady Grove Elementary SchoolVirginia,VA,U.S.A.k12.va.us
34448Grayson5th GradeShady Grove ElementaryGlen Allen, VA, U.S.A.k12.va.us
33819Brynn6Moonee Ponds Primary SchoolMelbournevic.edu.au
34277Catherine8LaRue County MiddleHodgenville, kentuckyedublogs.org
33973chase8th gradelarue county middle schoolkentucky, USAedublogs.org
34273chase8th gradelarue county middle schoolhodgenville KY,USAedublogs.org
33895Chiara5/6CMoonee Ponds Primary SchoolMelbourne, Australiavic.edu.au
34025Chloe8Larue County Middls SchoolHodgenville, Kentuckyedublogs.org
34451Abrielle5CJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34450Emily5CJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34452Emma5CJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34453Seth5CJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
33909MylaY4Stubbins Primary SchoolRamsbottomprimaryblogger.co.uk
33908JacobY4Stubbins Primary SchoolRamsbottomprimaryblogger.co.uk
33882DhirenYear 8SouthwellHamilton, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
33844Amelia6Tirlebrook Primary SchoolTewkesbury, UK.weebly.com
33875EllaYear EightKarori Normal SchoolKarori, Wellington, NZedublogs.org
34041EmmaLeigh8Larue County Middle SchoolHodgenville, Kentuckyedublogs.org
33778Emma9thLarue County High SchoolHodgenville, KYedublogs.org
33991Finn5/6CMoonee Ponds Primary schoolVictoriavic.edu.au
33887Heidi5/6.CMoonee Ponds Primary SchoolMelbourne, Australiavic.edu.au
33874HannahYR 8Karori Normal SchoolWellington, New Zealandedublogs.org
34075haley8larue county middle schoolhodgenvilleedublogs.org
33787Hamish5/6 CMoonee Ponds Primary SchoolMelbournevic.edu.au
33823Harguan5/6CMoonee Ponds Primary SchoolMelbournevic.edu.au
33786IndigoY6MPPSMelbourne, Australiavic.edu.au
33876jaydenyear 8Karori Normal SchoolKarori, Wellington, New Zealandedublogs.org
34443Krsity7th Grade (12)A.E.Wright Middle SchoolCalabasas, CA, USAedublogs.org
33975TK11King's Leadership AcademyWarringtonedublogs.org
33977Katie10King's Leadership AcademyWarringtonedublogs.org
33979Jasmine11King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
33978Ella10King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
33976Molly10King's Leadership AcademyWarringtonedublogs.org
33980Charlotte10King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
 ID Name Year School Location Link