Week#2 ’18

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5 Sentence Challenge

There is a new prompt over on our sister challenge. 5 Sentence Challenge is for emerging writers whether they are young or learning English as a second language. Check it out! 5 Sentence Challenge 

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Last year, we ran some very successful hubs. These are 3 classes from across the world linked to support each other with comments on 100WC posts. Check the newsletter for more details!

Latest prompt

Once again I have to say a big THANK YOU to the marvellous Jane Hewitt for this week’s photograph. She has written a superb book that you would really enjoy so do check it out ‘Learning Through a Lens’

As you can see we have a situation!

Things to consider:

  • What has happened?
  • Where is this situation set?
  • Who are the people?
  • What are their jobs?
  • Use good adjectives so that your reader can picture the scene


The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 23rd September

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 ID Name Year School Location Link
34994Shreya%th GradeShady Grove Elementry SchoolVA,USAk12.va.us
34726Nikayla10Seneca High Schoolhttps://shscwriting.edublogs.org/?p=46&preview=trueedublogs.org
34746Charlotte10King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
34747Ella and Katie10King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
34748Alicia10King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
34749Lewis10King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
34750Molly10King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
34751Anon10King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
34753Nicole10King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
34754Lauren10King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
34855Julianna10Seneca High SchoolErie, PAedublogs.org
34752TK11King's Leadership AcademyWarrington, UKedublogs.org
34860Jacob2021LaRue County Middle SchoolHodgenville, Kentucky, USAedublogs.org
34469Zachary3point chevalier schoolAuckland/nzkidblog.org
34629Jessica3Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34634Millie3Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34636Emily3Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34756Noah3Pt ChevalierAuckland nzkidblog.org
34757Ryan3Pt ChevalierAuckland/NZkidblog.org
34553Adan3rd ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34554Dylan3rd ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34556Conor3rd ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34561Aidan3rd ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34564Joshua3rd ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34584Ronan3rd ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
35118Luke3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35121Bobby3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35123Cillian3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35128Noemi3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35129Hollie3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35131Hannah3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35142Benito3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35144Jody3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35145Caitlin3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35161Dylan S3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35163Dale3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
35165Caoimhe3rd ClassSt Molaga's SNSBalbriggan, Co. Dublin, Ireland100wc.net
34630Joshua4Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34635Ana4Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34641Charlie4Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34643Cameron4Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34660KE4NMAlberta, Canadakidblog.org
34661N4NMAlberta, Canadakidblog.org
34662QR4NMAlberta, Canadagoogle.com
34663C4NMAlberta, Canadakidblog.org
34758Andre4Pt ChevalierAuckland, NZkidblog.org
34759Tyler4Pt ChevaleirAuckland New Zealandkidblog.org
34763Magnolia4Point Chevalier SchoolAuckland ,New Zealandkidblog.org
34764Ollie4pt chevAuckland,NZkidblog.org
34771Isabella4Point Chevalier SchoolAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
35194Eoghan4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35195Caoimhe4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35219Ava Ní R4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35220Síofra4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉedublogs.org
35222Tazzmin4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35223Roisín4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35224Lilly4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35225Andrew4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35226Róisa4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35227Senan4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35228Éabha4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35229Aoife4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35230Taylor4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35231Cillian4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35232Gráinne4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35233Lenny4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
35234Ava M4Gaelscoil Chill DaraÉireedublogs.org
34555Tadhg4th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34557Syzmon4th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34560Maciej4th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34562Jack4th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34565Mikolaj4th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34566Marc4th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34567Naglis4th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34568Matthew4th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34745Oisin4th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Ireland100wc.net
34659SM4th GradeNMRAlberta, Canadakidblog.org
35022Connor4th gradeShady Grove ElementryGlen Allen, Virginia USAk12.va.us
35023Ava4th gradeShady Grove Elementary SchoolGlen Allen VA,USAk12.va.us
35024Hasita4th gradeShady Groveusak12.va.us
35025Duru4th gradeShady Grove E.S.U.S.A. V.A.k12.va.us
35026Ella4th gradeShady grove elementryvirginia,USAk12.va.us
34588Billy5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34589Luke5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34591Mya5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34592Talia5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34595Erin5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34610Susan5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34611Anna5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34613Sophie5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34624Matthew5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34631Oscar5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34644Reggie5Westwood with IfordWiltshire, UKwestwoodblogs.org
34778Manon5Crofton Downs Primary SchoolWellingtonblogspot.co.nz
34780Lotta5Crofton Downs Primary SchoolWellingtonblogspot.co.nz
34814Victor5Crofton Downs PrimaryWellington, NZblogspot.co.nz
34815Chiaki5Crofton Downs PrimaryWellington, NZblogspot.co.nz
34886Isabella5Stoke on TernUK100wc.net
34909Tom H5Crofton Downs PrimaryWellington, NZblogspot.co.nz
 ID Name Year School Location Link