Week#38 (21)

What are your August plans?

It might seem a strange question but some of you will be on holiday while others will be settling into your autumn curriculum. So, what will you be doing in August?

Do share in the comments below!

How imaginative are you?

If you think you have a good imagination, please send over some prompt ideas for our August challenge. You can make them are creative as you like!


The last published showcase can be found at Week#36

Latest prompt

The prompt this week sounds like there is a bit of a problem for someone!

It is:

…’ I’m trying to hold on,’ he shouted…


The form will close on 3rd July at 23.45 GMT

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 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link
89183Elliot5Ponsonby primary schoolAuckland,NZkidblog.org
89184Naomi5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland NZkidblog.org
89185Charleyyear 5Ponsonby primaryAuckland NZkidblog.org
89186HudsonYear 5Ponsonby Primary SchoolPonsonbykidblog.org
89187Caitie5Ponsonby primaryAuckland,Nzkidblog.org
89188Billie5Ponsonby primaryAucklandkidblog.org
89189MariusYear 5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland NZkidblog.org
89190daniel5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, nzkidblog.org
89191Samuel5Ponsonby primaryAuckland nzkidblog.org
89192JulianaYear 5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland NZkidblog.org
89194EmirYear 2Wise Owl LearningMelbourne, Australiawiseowllearning.com.au
89195Charleyyear 5Ponsonby primaryAuckland NZkidblog.org
89196Sonia7Selwyn House SchoolChristchurchseesaw.me
89197Owen5Chelsea Primary SchoolAuckland NZseesaw.me
89200Sienna5Chelsea primary SchoolAucklandseesaw.me
89201Noah7St. Joseph's SchoolAshburton, New Zealandblogspot.com
89202Gian7St. Joseph'sAshburton, New Zealandblogspot.com
89203Pearl7St. Joseph'sAshburton, New Zealandblogspot.com
89204Arlo7St. JosephsAshburton, New Zealandblogspot.com
89205Althea7St. Joseph'sAshburton, New Zealandblogspot.com
89206Braedon7St. Joseph's SchoolAshburton, New Zealandblogspot.com
89207Kiko7St. Joseph's SchoolAshburton, New Zealandblogspot.com
89208Adam7St. Joseph's SchoolAshburton, New Zealandblogspot.com
89209Roaness7St. Joseph's SchoolAshburton, New Zealandblogspot.com
89210Tom7St. Joseph's SchoolAshburton, New Zealandblogspot.com
89211Amy6Chelsea PrimaryAuckland , NZseesaw.me
89212Mohammad4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89213LR14Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89214Oscar4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89215Bella4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89216Johnny4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89217Leo4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89218Katie4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89219Lilly-May4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89220Imogen4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89221Zara4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89222Elise4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89223Faye4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
89224Annabelle6Riversdale Primary SchoolLondon, UKedublogs.org
89225Ezra6St Joseph's Catholic SchoolMorrinsville, New Zealand100wc.net
89226Tobias6St Joseph's Catholic SchoolMorrinsville, New Zealand100wc.net
89227Wissam6Riversdale Primary SchoolLondon, UKedublogs.org
89228Catherine6Riversdale Primary SchoolLondon, UKedublogs.org
89229Summer6Riversdale Primary SchoolLondon, UKedublogs.org
 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link