Some exciting news coming about 100WC in the next couple of weeks so do look out for it in your emails!

Showcase Week#9

Do check out the latest showcase to be published. That is Week#9 and the prompt was RED. We had some wonderful pieces entered covering a range of topics including Remebrance, Diwali and fireworks so check out those on the showcase HERE


do make sure you visit other students’ writing and leave a supportive comment. If you find one that you really like send me the URL (either vial email or Twitter) and I will get it showcased. Please suggest other schools not just your own!

Latest prompt

This week we have a picture for the prompt. I took it when I was in New Zealand.

Questions for you to think about:

  • Where has it come from?
  • What does it want with?
  • Is it dangerous?

100WC Week#11

You have until 28th November to get your entries for this prompt written and published.


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Filters are here!

Many thanks to Night Zookeeper Phil who has been worked very hard on a filter systems so that you can see prompts that may be more appropriate for your class to comment on.

You just click the ‘Filters’ on the page and that will allow you to select the year group and whether you want them to be in your country. This hopefully will let you see the sort of posts you are really interested in. Thanks Phil!


The showcase this week is for those posts that wrote about the skeleton. We had over 3000 entries so very well done to those children who have had their work showcased. Check them out HERE

Latest prompt

This week you will need to think about punctuation as the prompt is a question. Really plan out your story before you start to write. That can really help make sure you use only 100 words and that the story flows. The prompt is:

…how could something so tiny…

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