Week #4

I am so pleased with the uptake of the new look 100 word Challenge but have some important questions for you!

Are you commenting?

With the increase in entries we need lots and lots and lots of comments!

Teachers: If you are a teacher please make sure you comment on your class and a couple of other posts

Pupils: Please make sure once you have posted your work that you leave a supportive comment on a couple of other posts

Commenters: We need yo to do as many as you can. Visit a few times during the week and do a few at a time. It is so easy to comment!

Are you publishing?

Once your pupils have written their entries teachers need to publish them. You also need to publish comments that have been left so that the young writers can see them!

Have you joined the community?

It was great to chat to @ecotton44, @MrRussellsclass, @boyceoc, @Jon_M_Bailey, @edb35 on Twitter on Weds.

If you are on twitter join #100WC chat on Wednesdays at 9pm BST

Twitter: Follow both and watch the tweets

@theheadsoffice / @100word

Face book:  Click & like both to keep up with all the news

100 Word Challenge / The Head’s Office

Have you checked out Showcase #2?

You’ll find it HERE

Don’t forget to claim the certificate for being chosen. Just email me!

This week’s prompt:

…then, in the middle of the noise…

You need to think about what the noise is before you start your story. Where are you? Is it a good place? How do you feel?

 Have a great week of writing! Get going HERE


 The new 100 Word Challenge is going so well! We have had such an amazing response but need lots of people to comment. If your class takes part please try to find someone to support them by signing up to comment.


Commenting on 100WC

Become a commenter

Comments are what makes 100WC special and we need lots of people to help us leave a supportive comment for all our young writers. The process is SO MUCH EASIER than before! Check out how you sign up here


Join the community

We have started a weekly chat to share ideas, great posts and meet other participants. It is on Wednesday at 9pm on Twitter. Just follow the hash tag #100WC to join the chat.

There is also a Face Book page that you can like HERE

This week’s prompt

We have another part sentence prompt. This week there is a capital letter at the beginning so it needs to go at the beginning of your sentence.

…As the flashing lights came towards me…

Think about the setting before you start your writing. Where are you? Make sure you read through your work before you publish it!


Check out the showcase

So that we can make sure people who time to recommend pieces for the showcase, it will now be published a week in arrears. So do check out Week #1 SHOWCASE

Taking part

If you took part last week, you are already signed up so
 If you are a new visitor, make sure you register here


Please let me know if you have any sort of problem taking part or publishing. Teachers must publish posts and comments so that young writers can see their work.

Good luck with your writing everyone and don’t forget to visit and leave a comment on someone else’s post!