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Here in the UK we have gone into ‘British Summer Time’. This means that we had to put our clocks forward which meant that we ‘lost’ an hour! The prompt this week is:

…but I thought I had enough time…

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Here is an important message from the Night Zoo Keeper

Good evening and welcome to the Night Zoo. Did you know, that
on this planet there are actually two worlds? It’s true. There
is the human world that you see all around you, and the world of the
Night which you have just arrived in for the first time.

I have brought you here, to the gates of the Night Zoo, to help
me defeat the monsters that are attacking the zoo. These monsters come
from the Land of Nilth. A dark land, without any imagination or creativity and the monsters that live there want to destroy the Night Zoo. But we can’t let them! We can’t let them take away this magical world of endless possibilities; of Ice Jungles and Floating Mountains.

I’m the Night Zookeeper and I care for the thousands of magical animals that live here; from Spying Giraffes to Time Travelling Elephants. Together we are all that stands between Nilth and complete domination of the world of the Night.

tumblr inline n2mn0o3fQF1rtbyzx Week#27

Please apply to become a Night Zookeeper and join us in our constant battle against the Monsters of Nilth. Answer this question to prove yourself worthy:

Why would you like to be a Night Zookeeper?

The prompt for this week is to answer the question above in just 100 words!

The link will close on 29th March

You can also: Complete the online drawing mission

Teachers Note: Night Zookeeper Classroom is a new website linked to the Literacy
National Curriculum. Please do browse the site here or contact [email protected]
for more information about the project.