How to post on 100WC

Step One

Go to and find the latest post


Step Two

Find the latest prompt

Compressed 5

In the example it is …how can something so tiny…

Step Three

Write, post and publish you entry on a blog**

Step Four

Complete the form on the post shown here and press SUBMIT

Compressed 4

It should look like this

Compressed 3

It is most important to make sure the URL is correct. It should be for the blog POST not the blog

Step Five

You should see the post you have just entered at the top of the list

Compressed 2

Step Six

If you want to enter more than one post at a time click

Compressed 1

Do contact me if you have any questions!

**  If you took part in 100 Word Challenge during September – December over on the Night Zookeeper site, you can have your Night News converted to a blog. If you did not take part and do not have a blog please contact me **.