Climate Change Challenge

Researchers at Roehampton University are working on a new cross-disciplinary project to investigate how schools teach pupils in primary about climate change.

They are great friends of 100 Word Challenge & feel that it would be a great vehicle to use to see how young writers feel about this very important topic.

On the last Sunday of each month, the prompt will have a specific emphasis on climate change. If you have any suggestions for a prompt do send them over. Once you have posted your pieces, I will send them, anonymised to the research team who will collate what they are reading. In order to make sure we have covered all the ethical considerations of using the writing, you will need to complete a short form which will be linked on the prompt.

I’m very excited about this research & hope that you will all join in. We have a chance to really show how great 100WC is & the impact it can have!

Click here for more information about the Climate Change project 

Do get in touch if you have any questions!