Week #23 (2)

Worrying times

I’m sure you will be like me & very worried when we see the scenes coming from Ukraine. We don’t have any classes in Ukraine but I know you will join me in sending hopes that they will be safe.

Showcase news

Many schools were on holiday last week so there was only a small number of showcases. Rather than making a separate page, they are here:

Grey in Yr.7 at McDowell Middle, Circleville, Ohio, US

John Joe in Yr.5 at Elementary School, USA

Latest prompt

We have 5 words that all need to be in your work this week. They can be in any order though. They are:



The form will close on 5th March at 23.45 GMT

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Week # 22 (22)

Stormy days

Here in the UK we have been subject to two big storms – Dudley and Eunice.

Storms are named so that everyone has a point of connection with the weather system that is likely to cause disruption. They alternate with names for the gender of male and female & are in alphabetical order. The next one will be Franklin. You heard it first here!

Eunice brought about a RED weather warning from the meteorological office which is very rare snd means there is a threat to life!

Showcase news

Some of you may not have caught up with the weekly SHOWCASE.

This is a list of nominations that have caught the eye of Team 100 members who feel the work needs to be highlighted. The last showcase was for Week #20 and you can find it HERE. If your work or that of a pupil is listed, please claim your certificate and badge for your blog. Just send me an email to [email protected]

Latest prompt

This week we are being positive about things getting back to normal. The prompt must be included AS IT IS WRITTEN here. It is:

… ‘Can I check your passport?’, he asked…


The form will close on 26th February at 23.45 GMT

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