Team 100 WC


Having an audience for their work is having a huge impact on the standard of the writing by children who take part in 100 Word Challenge and 5 Sentence Challenge. This audience comes via the comments that are left on their posts.

In order to organise a guaranteed set of comments, Team 100WC has been formed. This is a group of adults from across the world who have volunteered to comment each week on a given set of entries. They follow a set of guidelines so that we can maintain the quality of comments but they also add their own spin on them. All comments are moderated by teachers to ensure that they are appropriate and absolutely safe.

The entries are ordered on the page by the entries that haven’t yet had a comment rising to the top. We ask you to comment on around 5 posts each week, which can easily be done in under 30 minutes.

There is no charge for taking part in the challenges, but in order to maintain the audience we ask that each school that registers provides an adult commenter to give their feedback. This can be a teacher, learning support assistant or in fact a parent volunteer. Please do think about other staff members, parents, family, local businesses – the sky is the limit and the more you can find the better!

What a team member thinks:

‘I have been commenting every week on the stories children write using the prompt given. I never cease to be amazed at the diversity of work – the unfettered imaginations, the huge geographical area covered and the contributions from those who have just learned to read through to teenagers. On many occasions I have been stunned by the beauty of words coming from children. It takes me a matter of minutes but I know that my comments will encourage, teach and give pleasure to the writers. The 100 Word Challenge is a great way to give children some purpose for writing.’

If you have any questions about Team 100, please get in touch [email protected]