Guidelines for 100 Word Challenge Commentators

Firstly, many thanks for joining the 100WC team! In many ways the 100WC is becoming a product and as all good manufacturers will tell you, to be really successful a product has to be marketed properly.

Please understand that this is not a one-off. It is a commitment of about an hour across the week.

These guidelines are to provide some help in trying to get some consistency in the comments we leave the children.

However, the most important part is that you visit and leave a comment!

Here are some basics:

  • Always use the child’s name
  • Always check your spelling. If you make a mistake (I’ve done it a number of times!) go back in & use it as a teaching point. I always try to use some humour here but do own up!
  • I try to get ‘100WC’ into the comment but it is not always possible
  • Be yourself. The children love to develop relationships with their commentators. If you ask a question and really want to know what the answer was, do pop back. That may not be possible though
  • Be positive and complimentary. If you can see an obvious learning point (punctuation is a recurring theme) then mention it but this is not a test that you are marking so do not labour it. It is good to read the teacher’s comment if they have already visited. That will give you some idea of the level the child is working at.
  • We are lucky enough to get some SEN children writing on the 100WC. Treat them in the same way as you would if they were in your class / your child. They obviously need encouragement but can also have a little improvement comment too.
  • When putting your name to the comment, please add (Team 100WC) as it helps to stop you going into spam because the teacher knows you are part of the team.
  • If you can’t log your comment have a look above the comment box. If it says ‘change’ click it & write in your name. You will then have access to all those from the school but do let me know if you have problems getting in to comment. I can het in touch with the teacher.


  • Please see the number grid that you will have been sent for your name. The numbers to the right are the ones you comment on EVERY week. If the number of entries does not go up to the last few numbers don’t worry – consider it a holiday!
  • You go to the latest prompt on and look for a chart like this

  • You scroll down to each of your numbers, click the link in the right-hand column. This will take you to the post. You read it and leave a comment as described above.
  • The prompt goes live on Sunday mornings. (I tweet it out throughout the day)Entries will come in from Monday but some may wait until the following Fri/Sat. The link closes at 11.59 on the following Saturday. Please check in when you can. Some team members find that waiting until the link has closed and spending time doing all your numbers is a good way to organize your time and you don’t miss any! Organise your time to suit you! Ideally, it is good to have all comments in before the next prompt goes up but again, that may not be possible.
  • I send a newsletter out each Sunday with the link for you in case you need a reminder.

Please let me know in good time if you are unable to visit one week so that I can fill in any gaps!


Each week I showcase entries from a few children and have now set up a ‘Special Showcase’. They are not always ‘THE BEST’ but pieces that are different or are clearly exceptional work for that child. Do send me the number of an entry and the link if you come across one that you feel could be showcased the next week. It is quite difficult at first because you will soon have quite a list but you will gradually see those that are different and stand out. If you should have any spare time please comment on the 5 Sentence Challenge ( using the numbers you have for the 100WC. The little ones love comments as well! Do let me know if these guidelines are of any use! Feel free to tweet or email if you have any problems /questions. Life is very busy so I will send you an email on Sundays as a gentle reminder to pop back and check all your numbers.

Finally, enjoy it!

THANK YOU again!

Julia ( @theheadsoffice)

[email protected]