### Penultimate Prompt ###

This is the last but one prompt for 2016! Where has the time gone?

Showcase news

I know lots of you are getting ready for Christmas or your long summer holidays so I wasn’t surprised when the showcase for Week#12 was not as large as some weeks. Do remember to send me the ID number and name of any posts you really want to celebrate. Week#12 showcase is HERE

Do send me any celebrations you might have like this photo from St Colman’s School in Cork!

Click the link to see the lads!

Holiday news

I know you are all breaking up for a holiday soon. some of you just for a couple of weeks, while others will be a m onth or so. Things here at 100WCHQ will continue to be developed so do watch for tweets and emails of some new ideas!


This week’s prompt

We have another segment from a sentence for this week’s challenge. It is:

…as I turned round it changed shape …

Things to think about:

  • What is ‘it’?
  • What shape should it be?
  • What shape did it turn into?
  • Why was this happening?

The form will close on Saturday 10th December. 

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Week #13

Check your newsletters for competition news!

You can find details for the Peaky in Space competition in your newsletters. Let me know if you don’t receive one.

Week#11 Showcase

The showcase for the Peaky in Space showcase was HUGE! Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. You can find the nominations HERE

Team 100

To get more comments, sign someone from your school community up to join Team 100. They can receive guidelines to make sure they are confident at leaving a comment and they get a regular newsletter with all the news. Get them to fill ou8t the form on the tab ‘Comment on Writing’ or just click HERE

Latest prompt

It’s time for a few words to put into your writing! all five must be included but you can put them in any order. Maybe you would like to highlight them in some way so that your readers can see them easily. They are:

Wide,  Orange,  Crocodile,  Within,  Collapsed

The form will close at midnight on 3rd December

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