Week #8

Votes are in!

Thank you to all who voted in the survey of when 100WC should be published. The result is in the extra newsletter you received on Weds!

Remember – you don’t have to take part in EVERY prompt! Use it to suit your timetables!


Fabulous showcase!

All our showcases are great but the one for Week#6 was extra long and had contributions from lots you. Thank you!

Check it out HERE and don’t forget to claim your certificate and badge!


Are you in a hub?

A hub is a group of 3 classes linked together to support the work on 100WC. You decide between you when and how you are going to comment on each other’s entries. Do fill out this form if you would like to be linked and get those global connections made!


Latest prompt

I’ve been told by lots of children that the individual words are their favourite style of prompt. Here are the 5 words for this week:

However   Yellow   Gingerly   Discovered   Remarkable

Remember they must all be included in your writing and try to make it logical as well as creative!

The form will close on 29th October

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Week #7

Exciting times this week!

I had a great visit to a school in Cambridgeshire this week. I shared the prompt for Week#6 and the prompt from 5 Sentence Challenge. I was SO impressed with the work the children produced. What  staff enjoyed about the workshop:

  • Listening to how children’s writing has been improved as a result of 100WC – Jo Evans
  • Will use this to help with structuring of stories – B Cartwright
  • Ideas to link to the blog – Andy Laing
  • Looking at different stimuli and work produced by children

I have a number of bespoke packages on offer so do get in touch about a visit! 

Changes are coming!

It looks like 100WC will be moving to being published every two weeks! If you still haven’t voted for your choice please check out this week’s newsletter. Get in touch if you haven’t received it yet!

Showcase excitement

The showcase for Week#5 certainly got lots of attention on Twitter!

It was super to have nominations from across the world! See the final choices HERE

Latest prompt

I just know that this prompt will produce some amazing writing! It is a photograph that may scare some!

2009_0117octdec0038Things to consider:

  • What is it?
  • What is it made of?
  • Where has it come from?
  • Where is it going?

Remember, your writing should be logical so don’t die at the end!

The form will close on 22nd October

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