Week#6 ’18

What a #100wcCHAT we had!

How would you like to talk over the latest prompt with colleagues before you present it to your students?

That’s what #100wcCHAT can now provide. Over on Twitter on Wednesdays at 9pm we cover an aspect/genre of writing and look at the next prompt. This week, we will also be interviewing Pie Corbett who has developed Talk for Writing,  an approach that many UK schools use to support writing.

Just look for #100wcCHAT over on Twitter at 9pm Wednesday on Twitter.


Your newsletters always contain important information I hope, but this week is particularly important especially if you are into research, data or are a class in Ireland!

Showcase news

The showcase for Week #4 can be found HERE. Just send me the ID number of any posts you want to nominate.

Latest prompt

During this week’s #100wcCHAT, we talked about teaching recount. That included lots about newspapers, looking at facts and opinion. This was all in support of this week’s prompt which is to write a report based on this photograph.

Before you start, think about:

  • What sort of report is this – crime, finance, products.
  • What type of newspaper are you writing for?
  • Who are your readers?

The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 21st October

Please check your newsletter for important information!

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Week#5 ’18


The stats for the newsletters that go out each Sunday show that only about half of you are opening them  😥

They often contain information not shared here as well as links to other offers so please seek them out in your spam, trash etc and move us to your white/safe list.


More hubs needed

Thank you to those of you who have signed up to join a hub. We have had lots of requests from classes in USA so if you would like to be linked, do check out the details in the newsletter.


Exciting #100wcCHAT news

On 18th October, the wonderful Pie Corbett will be joining #100wcCHAT over on Twitter. It is an opportunity for you to ask him questions about his writing and work in schools as well as getting some tips on how to improve your student’s writing. Come along this week on Weds at 9pm to get a feel for things. Just look for #100wcCHAT!


Showcase winners

It was the biggest showcase so far for Week#3! The winners can be seen HERE Don’t forget to claim your certificate and blog badge.


Latest prompt

The prompt this week has been set by Mr Murphy at Crosshall Junior School in Cambridgeshire here in the UK. His prompt is a little different from our usual ones and you will need to think carefully about how you approach it. The prompt is:

Describe your most treasured item without actually giving what it is away. 

Things to think about:

  • Why is it so precious to you?
  • Who gave it to you or how did you come to have it?
  • As you cannot say its name, use lots of adjectives and descriptions.

Here is Mr.Murphy’s example:

It sits on my finger. It’ been there since April 2014. I chose it with my wife. I really like it; she likes it less so. But, it’s me that’s got to wear it. It goes everywhere with me. I’ll wear it forever. On the odd occasion I take it off, I really worry about losing it! My cold, metal, matt metal object sitting there on my left hand. No one ever really mentions it. I play with it when nervous. But, it’s there for all to see. Especially me! As I finish, I’m looking at it right now… 


The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 14th October

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