Week #18 (20)

Hubs are up & running!

I’m very excited by the number of classes that have signed up to join a hub. You should have received all the details you need to start collaborating with each other. Shout if you need anything & do read the tab above if you would like to join a hub.

Making travel plans

As you may know, hubby & I are off on a big trip soon. We are visiting Singapore, both islands of New Zealand & Bangkok. There is still time to get in touch if you fancy meeting up for a chat!

Latest prompt

The prompt this week is linked to a situation I have on the site. One of the plugins is misbehaving & it is really making me cross! The prompt is:

… but it is SO slow I …


The form will close at 23.45 UK time on the 1st of February 2020.


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Week #17 (20)

Would you like to collaborate with others?

I have been asked if I can set up some more HUBS. These are groups of 3 classes that link and support each other with their 100WC work. To join a hub you can click the tab at the top ‘Join a Hub’ or check your newsletter for more details.


Latest prompt

This week we have an unusual sight!

Ideas for you to think about:

  • What has happened?
  • Where was the rider going?
  • How do they feel?
  • What will thge next steps be?


The form will close on 25th January 2020 at 23.45 UK time

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