Week #20 (19)

How do you celebrate?

It is Chinese or Lunar New Year across the world. Do you celebrate it? Do share below what you do. It is such a wonderfully bright & noisy festival!

Showcase news

Have you received a special Terry Culkin ‘, Showcase Toon’? These are individual pieces of art depicting the showcase piece for the author to treasure. They really are special. Do share yours below if you have received one & do make sure you nominate a post that you think deserves a toon. You can see the latest showcase by clicking ‘Special Showcase’ on the tabs above.

Hub news

I have a few more classes signed up but still not a huge range of countries so I will just link two at a time & add as we go.

If you have been successfully working in a hub, do share your experience below. We’d love to hear how it is going!

Latest prompt

Our prompt this week is accompanied by a great Terry Culkin ‘toon’ so do check out twitter to see it. The prompt is:

… it was completely out of tune…

I can’t wait to see all your musical pieces!


The form will close on 16th February at 23.45 UK time


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Week #19

Extreme Weather!

Here is the UK we have had our first major snow falls. It has, as always created chaos with roads & schools being closed.

Many of you are in areas that have heavy snow regularly. Do let us know how you cope. Are your schools closed? do you do anything using Skype etc to keep learning to happen? If you are in Australia, how have you been dealing with the extreme heat?

Tell us your stories in the comments below!

Latest prompt

I understand that many of our young writers enjoy the five word prompts so they will be happy this week! The words are:


Remember, you can use them in any order but they must all be included!

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