Special Writing Project – Week#7

This is the last one ūüôĀ

This week sees the last of the Special Writing Projects, arranged mainly for those of you in New Zealand and Australia. From next week you should be joined by schools from the USA and UK!

In order to still be able to take part, you must make sure you have subscribed to 100 Word Challenge. Many of you will have done that earlier in the year but do make sure you are signed up.


There was a very small showcase published this week as I did not get many nominations. You can find them HERE

Do make sure to send the ID of any great posts that you come across so that they can go on the showcase.

Hub news

Following my short survey last week, I will be setting up new hub arrangements from September, so do watch for the link and get yourself linked!

Last prompt

Here is the last prompt for the Special Writing Project and it is a VERY special one! It was sent in from Grant Peacock who is a teacher at Elm Grove School in New Zealand.

It is a Soundscape. So you click the arrow and listen. What can you hear? Where might you be? How do you feel?


The form will close on Saturday 3rd September

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Special ~Writing Project – Week#6

Penultimate Prompt!

There is only one more week of this year’s Special Writing Project. Please check your newsletters for important details for September

Showcase news!

There were some nominations for the showcase this week from schools and members of Team 100. It is lovely to see great writing being selected from  across the world! The latest showcase is HERE

How is your hub working?

I have had some enquiries from teachers asking for different classes to link to as not all hubs are working. Do let me know how your experience¬†has been. Check this week’s newsletter for more details!

Want to set the last prompt?

There is still time for your class to set the last prompt of the Special Writing Project. Just email me with your ideas. I need them by Wednesday 24th August.

Latest prompt

For this week’s prompt, I am giving you 5 words that all have to be in your post. They can be in any order but all five must¬†be there. They are:

Black   Flamingo   Extraordinary   Poked   Underneath

The form will be available until Saturday 27th August. 

Got the newsletter? Tell me if not!

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