Week #4

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Showcase news!

Did you put someone forward for the showcase? If not please do. The showcase celebrates pieces that really deserve another read. Those on the showcase get a certificate and badge for their blog. All you need to do is send me the ID number (first column on the left) and their name and I’ll put them forward.

The latest showcase can be seen HERE

5 Sentence Challenge 

Have you emerging writers? Are your students learning English for the first time?

The 5 Sentence Challenge can really help move them into fluent writing as well as training them to blog. It is run in the same way as this challenge. New prompts are published every two weeks. You need to sign up to access the link form and you can find the latest prompt HERE

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lots of classes have signed up to be ina hub. This is a group of thgree classes that support each other sharing comments and learning about life in another part of the world! If you would like to share your learning, fill out the form HERE

Latest prompt

After the special prompt of the last two weeks, we go back to some words. There are five in total and they all have to go into your writing. They can be in any order. They are:

…pink,   giraffe,   drilling,   teacher,   quietly…

Make sure you think about your story before you start writing so that you can include them all and the story makes sense.

The form will close on Saturday 1st October

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Week#3 – Peace One Day


September 21st is international Peace Day

This is the day that has been agreed by the United Nations and World leaders to be the day when we all actively work to make the world a safer and more peaceful world. We can all be peacemakers!

Watch this video and get the story of where Peace One Day originated.


There will be lots of activities going on across the world on September 21st


To see more about DJ’s playing music click MUSIC

To see more about Try for Peace click – TRY

To see more about One Day, One Goal click – GOAL

To see more about One Day, One Dance click – DANCE

Check out the LIVE BROADCAST

This is a very special day that we can all take part in. We all want a peaceful world but just imagine what it would be like to have at least a whole day when there were no wars, no conflicts, no fighting or arguments. We all have fallings out with friends and family. How wonderful it would be if none of us had any grumbles with each other on 21st September.

Special prompt

The prompt for this week is:

Who will you make peace with?

  • You can be yourself and write about friends and family
  • You could think about it from the point of view of a world leader
  • You could be a fighter in an area where there is conflict
  • You could be a child in a war torn country.

You will have your own ideas I know. Do make sure you visit the Peace One Day website for ideas of what you can do on 21st September. You can also send them details of what you get up to.

Thanks go to 5th Class at St Joseph’s School in Kinvara, Ireland for their suggestion of this prompt.

The form will close on 24th September

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