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Would you like to make a direct difference in the lives and education of young people?

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Having an audience for their work is having a huge impact on the standard of the writing by children who take part in 100 Word Challenge. This audience comes via the comments that are left on their posts. Let me explain.

100 Word Challenge is a free, online writing project linked to blogging. Students respond to a prompt on  blog it and then link it back to the prompt. Volunteers visit the prompt and comment on 5 posts that they have been given. It is this extended audience that is making such a difference to their progress.

Be part of the Team!

In order to organize a guaranteed set of comments, Team100WC has been formed. This is a group of adults from across the world who have volunteered to comment on each post on a given set of entries. They follow a set of guidelines so that we can maintain the quality of comments but they also add their own spin on them. They are moderated to ensure that they are appropriate. The minimum commitment is 5 posts each week. you will be given the numbers of the posts to do.

What it means!

Here is a post from a regular Team 100 member on why she joined and why she continues to support these young writers. Read ‘Being a member of Team 100’

If you are still not sure if Team 100 is for you, listen to William explain what it means to him!

Be part of the audience and make a difference!

If you would like to be part of Team100WC do fill out the form HERE. This will put you on the mailing list for the newsletter.

If you have any other questions just contact [email protected]

You CAN make a difference so join up now!