Week #16 (20)

How was your start of term?

I hope you are all into the routine of ‘back to school’ now.

My first week back was busy with training & meetings so it feels like things are back to normal!

Gentle reminder

For those of you new to the challenge, you must link each post individually. Some of you have been linking the class. That way, only the first post will get any comments. Do get in touch if you need some help.

Team 100

Did you find anyone to help motivate our writers across the world? Do let parents & colleagues know. Have you a local college or high school near by that would welcome some contact with great writing? Do direct them to the tab at the top ‘ Join Team 100’.

Latest prompt

We have five words that all need to be in your writing but they can be in any order. They are:


The foirm will close at 23.45 UK time on 18th January 2020

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Week #15 (20)


I hope you had a wonderful holiday & you are now ready for a new year & a new decade! Just think about all those blank pieces of paper you can write fabulous adventures on!

Team 100

Over the holidays, I have done some rejigging of the numbers that Team 100 get. We have had some new people join the team & a couple who after a long time supporting 100WC have decided to stand down. What is has shown is that WE NEED MORE PEOPLE! I do hope you can help swell the numbers of team members by finding someone in your school to join us. Check your newsletters for details.

Latest prompt

So, here we go with the first prompt of the year! It is:

… ‘Which way to the shops?’ it panted…

Things to think about:

  • What is ‘it’?
  • Why does it need the shops?
  • Why is it panting?
  • What will happen if it can’t get what it needs?


The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 11th January 2020

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