Advanced notice – Special prompt next week! 

We have a very special prompt to share next week so do make sure you look at your newsletters and check in here!

Great showcase!

After last week the showcase for Week#32 was a good size! You can see if your class was featured HERE

For those of you who tweet, watch out for shared tweets linking to individual posts. More advertising for your work!

Team 100WC

I have been doing some work with Team100WC both on Twitter and Facebook. I am in the process of reaching out to some companies to get more people signed up to support your writing. If you know anyone who can spare 10 minutes each week, do direct them HERE for more details about what Team100WC is.

Latest prompt

As I mentioned earlier, next week will be a special prompt for you to get involved in. This week, we have part of another sentence:

…the water just kept gushing out…

Things to think of:

  • What genre are you going to use for this post?
  • Where are you?
  • Is it a dangerous situation?

The form will close at 23.45 GMT on 10th June

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Week #33

Holiday Time for some!

Here in the UK, it is Bank Holiday weekend and the start of the holiday between Term 5 and Term 6 for schools. Traditionally, it rains as many activities are arranged across the country. Our thoughts are with all those affected by the bomb in Manchester but it is good to know that although there will be increased security, these events will still go on.


For some reason, the showcase for Week #31 was not very big but the worthy winners are HERE

Don’t forget to send me the ID number and name of any posts you would like to see showcased.

Special prompt

We have a special prompt coming in a couple of weeks so do look out for your newsletters and watch this space!

Latest prompt

We have had some gorgeous sunshine here in the UK but this has triggered some violent thunderstorms. I have used this weather phenomenon for this week’s prompt:

… in the flash of lightning I saw …

Things to consider:

  • Where are you?
  • How do you feel?
  • What did you see?
  • What happened next?

The form will close at 23.45GMT on 3rd June

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