Week #43

Back from our adventures!

We had a wonderful time in France, seeing lots of castles which are called Chateaux. I have got some great prompt ideas for later in the year of things that we saw. However, I thought you might like to see this one which is where the river Seine, the longest river in France, begins! It is a place called Source du Seine which is north of Dijon.

It doesn’t look like much does it but that is where the river that flows through Paris starts. As you can see it begins with a trickle and picks up the rest as it travels around France finally getting to Honfleur where it flows into the English Channel then into the Atlantic Ocean

Showcase news

Sadly, I have not received any nominations for Week#41 which was the ‘…when all of a sudden..’ prompt. Do send me the name and ID number (that is in the first column from the list) of any posts that you really enjoy so that I can share them again.

Latest prompt

This week we are going for five words. They can be in any order in your work but you must use them all! They are:

Cushion     Scarlet     Annoying    Watered    Violin


The form will close at 23.45 BST on 12th August

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Greetings from France!

Yes, were are on our travels again! This time we are visiting Dijon, Tours and Honfleur in France. They are all places we have been to before which means we can have a good rest!


Another new school has joined 100WC and got a showcase on their first attempt! Say hello to Wildground Federation in Hampshire, UK

Amy in Yr.6 at Wildground Federation, Hants, UK

Heidi at Moonee Ponds, Australia

Sofia in Year 4 at Crofton Downs School, Wellington, NZ

Alekos in Yr. 5 at Berkley School, Frome, UK

Olivia in Yr. 5 at Crosshall Junior, UK

Hamish Yr.5/6 Moonee Ponds, Australia


Latest prompt

…but then the flash made me…

Things to think about:

  • Where are you?
  • What is it that flashed?
  • How were you feeling and how did you feel after?


The form will close at 23.45 BST on 5th August

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