Week #1 (22)

Welcome World!

It is so good to know that most of the classes across the world will be in school this week! That means a large number of young writers will be sharing their work with others across the globe. Isn’t that exciting?!


As we still have two weeks of the Special prompts, I will continue to add the nominations to the prompt page. These are for Special Prompt #6.

Ezra in Yr. 5 at St Joseph’s, Morrinsville, New Zealand

Tennessee in Yr.6 at Chelsea Primary, Auckland, New Zealand

Ryia in Yr. 8 at Ashley Rakahuri, Rangiora, New Zealand

Riley in Yr.6 at St Anthony’s, QLD, Australia

William in Yr.5 at St Joseph’s School, Morrinsville, NZ

The first prompt of a new year!

Here in the UK our academic years begin in August/September so please, forgive me if you are in the southern hemisphere & have been at school for ages!

Our first prompt will, hopefully, get you all thinking. You must use it as it is written, please. It is:

…so, what will I write on this page…

The form will close at 23.45 BST on 11th September

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Special Prompt #7 (21)

Our last one!

Well, this is our last Special Prompt for 2021! Thank you for all the posts you have shared. I hope you have enjoyed working with just a single word.

Do let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below. Did you prefer just a single word, rather than our usual prompt formats?

Showcase news

Here are the nominations for those posts for Special Prompt #5 which was of a picture of a staircase.

Allison in Yr.6 at St Joseph’s Catholic School, Morrinsville, NZ

Audric in Yr.7 at St Joseph’s School, Ashburton, NZ

Alyssa in Yr.8 at Kenakena School, Paraparaumu, New Zealand

Marius in Yr.5 at Ponsonby School, Auckland, New Zealand

Ezra in Yr.6 at St Joseph’s School, Morrinsville, New Zealand

Gabriel in Yr.6 at St Anthony’s, QLD, Australia

Hannah in Yr.5 at St Joseph’s School, Morrinsville, New Zealand

Holly in Yr.8 at Ashley Rakahuri, Rangiora, NZ

Congratulations everyone! Don’t forget to collect your certificate & blog badge by getting in touch

Last Special Prompt

to finish this series of single-word prompts, I have asked my husband for a suggestion. It is:


The form will close on 4th September 2021 at 23.45 BST



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