Week #30 (21)

When do you finish school?

It may feel a bit early to be asking about breaking up for the long holidays, but I would like to have some idea of dates for planning over the months of July & August.

I am happy to run a challenge right through but if none of you are going to be in school, it would be a waste.

So, please let me know when you break up.

Showcase news

The latest showcase to be published was for Week #27.

find the lucky nominations HERE

Latest prompt

I am using another of Meya’s suggestions again this week.

It is:

…suddenly, darkness enveloped the room…


The form will close at 23.45 GMT on 8th May 2021.

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Week #29 (21)

How do you choose?

Some weeks have lots of posts – 300+ and then other weeks we only have a few. I’m interested in knowing how you choose or if there is a routine that means some weeks you take part whilst others you can’t.

So is it about the time you have or maybe the prompt? Obviously, there is no set way of getting involved. That is the joy of 100WC – you please yourself and dip in and out. However, I’d love to know your thinking so do leave a comment in the box below!

Latest prompt

What goes on at Number 29? Where is the gate & the rest of the fence?


The form will close on 1st May at 23.45 GMT



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