Week #4 ’18

Don’t forget to moderate!

Team 100 are really getting into their stride now and leaving some cracking comments. When they do, you as the admin need to make sure you have moderated them. This means ‘giving permission’ for them to appear on the blog. Otherwise no-one can see them, including the student who received them!


Hub news

Many of you have applied to join a hub. They will be created this week. Please check your newsletter this week for details of how to apply.


Latest showcase

It was so good to receive so many showcase nominations this week. The winners can be seen HERE

Don’t forget to send me your suggestions. I need the name and ID number.


Tell us your habits!

Many of you take part in Twitter chats. Please let us know your ‘chat habits’ by completing this short poll HERE


Latest prompt

This week we have a very strange tale indeed! The prompt is part of a sentence and it is:

…and the dog was wearing glasses…

Things to consider:

  • What is the situation here?
  • Were there other animals present?
  • How did you feel when you saw this
  • You might like to try and practice some contractions

The form will close on 7th October at 23.45 UK time

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Week #3 ’18

Lincolnshire gets a visit!

Last week I had the pleasure of working in Rauceby C.E Primary School, near Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK. It was super sharing writing with all the classes as they start to blog and use 100 Word Challenge!

This is what they said:

If you would like a visit, just get in touch!


The first showcase of the new year has been published. You can find it HERE. Don’t forget to claim your certificate and blog badge if you are listed!

Latest prompt

This week we are going for five words. They must all be in your writing but can be in any order. The key is to plan beforehand so you get them all in and it tells a story.

The words are:

Professor    Crocodile    Purple    Twisted    Difficult

Obviously, your story will need a character and I think these words give you a couple to choose from!


The form will close on 30th September  at 23.45 UK time

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