Week #6 (22)

Climate Change Challenge #2

Here is the second prompt for the Climate Change Challenge. These prompts will be weekly from now for 9 weeks & will form part of the research being undertaken by Roehampton University.

Please read the details HERE

In order for your post to be part of the research, you MUST fill out this short form HERE If you do not complete the form giving permission your posts will be deleted.

You only need to complete the form ONCE


Latest prompt

As you know all parts of the world are being affected by the change in their climate. Here are five words for you to use in a post about these changes. As always, you must use ALL 5 words. They are:



The form will close on 16th October at 23.45 BST

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Week #5 (22)

How did you get on?

It was so lovely to see so many posts for our special Climate Change Challenge.

Hopefully, we can ensure that you don’t post until you have given permission for your data to be used. It is all part of the terms of reference for the research team.

Don’t forget to send me any suggestions you may have for prompts for this special challenge which will be run every month.


Latest prompt

This week we have another photo for you. You will have to make some decisions before you start about what is real & what is fake!

Thanks go to Jane Hewitt for sharing this creation. A copy of her book ‘Learning through a lens‘ should be in every classroom!

The form will close at 23.45 BST on 9th October

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