Week #32 (22)

Another little trip!

We are off on another little trip!

This time we are visiting the Isle of Wight which is in the south of England. It was a favourite visiting place of Queen Victoria. Neither of us has been for a very long time so we are looking forward to it.

I hope the SATs for pupils who are 11 have gone well & that you can now relax.


The last showcase to be published was for Week#30. You can find the successful nominations HERE

Latest prompt

This week was have 5 words that ALL have to be in the piece of writing but they can be in any order. The words are:


The form will close at 23.45 BST on May 21st 2022

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Week #31 (22)

We may have some good news!

Once again, please make sure you read your newsletters as I may have some good news to share with you!

Following last week’s post, I can confirm that our football (soccer) team lost so are now in the bottom league!.

It was a good game though & they really fought to get that elusive goal that they needed but it did not come. We are now planning which of the new grounds we can now visit next season.

Latest prompt

This week, we are preparing for what we hope will be a nice summer here in the UK. The prompt is:

…the heat was unbearable, so …

Remember, you must use the prompt exactly as it is written!

The form will close at 23.45 BST on 14th May 2020

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