Week #15 (21)


Well, we have come to the end of a very different year. Thank you all for all the support you have given 100 Word Challenge and I hope to see you all in 2021.

Seesaw blogs

do you use a Seesaw blog for your posts? Lots of accounts have not been set up to allow comments from people outside your school. This is what you must do:

  • Go to settings- it’s the Spanner on the top right-hand corner.
  • Class Settings comes up.
  • Scroll down to Class Blog.
  • Click on Blog Settings
  • Click on Enable Comments on Class Blog

Latest showcase

You can find the showcase for Weeek#13 HERE

Last prompt

Our last prompt of the year is a little different. You are going to do all the work!

  1. Choose a word that describes what 2020 has been like for you
  2. Choose a word that represents what your hopes are for 2021
  3. Write a piece of 100 words with both words in it

I’m really looking forward to reading these that will link the past with the future.

The form will close on 19th December 2020 at 23.45 UK time (I know you will have started your holidays but know that some of you work on 100WC right up to the last bell!)

Sorry, you need to log in to enter the 100 Word Challenge. Login at https://100wc.net/wp-login.php or sign up at https://100wc.net/signup-2015/.

 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link
84065Kyah5Wheeler Heights Public SchoolSydney, NSW, Australiaedublogs.org
84066Evie5Wheeler Heights Public SchoolSydney, NSW, Australiaedublogs.org
84067AdysonYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84068BacilioYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84069BenjaminYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84070HaydenYear 6Wise Owl LearningMelbourne, Australiawiseowllearning.com.au
84071Luka NYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
84073SofijaYear 9British International SchoolBelgrade, Serbiabisbelgradeblogs.net
84074BenYear 5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
84075Sophie5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
84076Gabriella5Ponsonby primary schoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
84077Scarlett5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
84078Dre5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
84079JasperYear 5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
84080Isla5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
84081HollyYr 5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
84082Izzy5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
84083Hunter Andersen5Ponsonby Primary School.Auckland,NZkidblog.org
84084Xander5Ponsonby Primary schoolAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
84085Ariella5ponsonby primary schoolAuckland,NZkidblog.org
84086Max5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
84087Noah5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
84088GeorgeYear 5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
84089Tanner5Ponsonby Primary SchoolNZkidblog.org
84090Jack5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
84091Evangrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84092Lukegrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84093Brodiegrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84094Nikolagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84095Viviangrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84096Ericgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84097Fostergrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84098Nategrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84099Alexandergrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84100Braydengrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84101Vasiliosgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84102Juliannagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84103Kalinagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84104Markgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84105Brydangrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84106Juliettegrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84107Jamesgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84108Joshuagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
84109EthanYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84110AydenYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84111Asha6Kenmont Primary SchoolLondon UKj2webby.com
84112Maryam6Kenmont Primary SchoolLondon, UKj2webby.com
84113Moyear 6Kenmont Primary SchoolLondon,UKj2webby.com
84114Lishan6Kenmont Primary SchoolLondon UKj2webby.com
84115stanley6Kenmont Primary SchoolLondon, UKj2webby.com
84116Klaudia6Kenmont Primary SchoolLondon, UKj2webby.com
84117AlazarYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84118CJYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84119JoshuaYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84120MaggieYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84121NoshanYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84122Gavin5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84123HadiaGrade 6Colette Bourgonje SchoolSaskatchewan, Canadagoogle.com
84124RameenGrade 6Colette Bourgonje SchoolSaskatchewan, Canadagoogle.com
84125AsharGrade 6Colette Bourgonje SchoolSaskatchewan, Canadagoogle.com
84126LouisYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
84127Eleni6El SierraIllinois, USAseesaw.me
84128Danny5thEl SierraIllinois, USAseesaw.me
84129Joe6El Sierra ElementaryIllinois, USAseesaw.me
84130Ashlan6El SierraIllinois U.S.Aseesaw.me
84132Aubrie6El sierraIllinois USAseesaw.me
84131Samuel6El SierraIllinois, USAseesaw.me
84133Dresan6thEl sierraIllinois,USAseesaw.me
84134Trevor6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
84135Brynn6El SierraIllinois, USAseesaw.me
84136Laney6El SierraIllinois, USAseesaw.me
84137Kara6thEl SierraIllinois, USAseesaw.me
84138LouieYear 8Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
84139KieleyYear 8Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
84140LukeYear 7Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
84141LylaYear 7Holy Family Regional Catholic SchoolLevittown PA USAkidblog.org
84142Brian5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84143Daniel5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84144Dylan5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84145Keelan5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84146Lucas5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84147Timmy5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84148EmmaB.5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
84149Cliff5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
84150Ahmet5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
84151BrianJ5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
84152Lizzie5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
84153Hannah5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
84154Morgan5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
84155Gemma5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
84156Imogen4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
84157LR14Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
84158Olivia C.4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
84159LR24Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
84160Dylan4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
84161LR34Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
84162Lily-May4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
84163Zara4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
84164Daisy4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
84165Lilly-May4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
84166Ashton4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84167Deividas4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84168Austin4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84169Leon4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84170Bryan4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84171Tom4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84172Jake4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84173Micheál4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84174Donagh4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84175Charlie4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84176Alex4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84177Darren4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84178James4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84179David Hy.4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
84180Tori6th gradeEl SierraIllinois, USAseesaw.me
 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link