Week #20 (21)

Is New Zealand back to school yet?

Hello everyone!

I know New Zealand schools have had a break from school so I was just wondering when you are back. As it is your summer time, I know this is the long holiday but was not sure how Covid fitted into it all. Do let us know in the comments below.

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 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link
85029JamisonYear 9Wise Owl LearningMelbourne, Australiawiseowllearning.com.au
85030MaryamYear 6Kenmont Primary SchoolLondon ukj2webby.com
85031Niamh6th ClassNewinn G.N.S. 5th/6th classCo. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85032Emma Hally4th classNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85033Emily6th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85035Kayla6St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
85036Lucas6St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
85037Joenesh6St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
85038EthanYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85039BenjaminYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85040LouisYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85041TylerYear 5Wise Owl LearningMelbourne, Australiawiseowllearning.com.au
85042Asha6Kenmont Primary SchoolLondon ukj2webby.com
85043NolanYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85044Chloe6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
85047Kate F6th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85048Cara5th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85049Maeve M5th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85050Kate H6th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85051Leah4th classNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85052Sophie6th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85053BraydenYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85054Isla6Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
85056AliceP1-7Burravoe PrimaryScotlandglowscotland.org.uk
85057AydenYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85058NekodaYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85059Caoimhe3rdNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85060DonnachaRang 4Scoil NeasáinDublin, Irelandblogspot.com
85061OrlaRang 4Scoil NeasáinDublin, Irelandblogspot.com
85062NathanRang 4Scoil NeasáinDublin, Irelandblogspot.com
85063CillianRang 4Scoil NeasáinDublin, Irelandblogspot.com
85064Aisling Ní ChRang 4Scoil NeasáinDublin, Irelandblogspot.com
85065AmeliaYear 7Duntroon SchoolNew Zealand, Duntroonedublogs.org
85066Grace7Duntroon schoolNew Zealandedublogs.org
85067Sophia7DuntroonDuntroon, New Zealandedublogs.org
85068Angus7DuntroonNew Zealandedublogs.org
85069Flynn8DuntroonNew Zealandedublogs.org
85070Tessa7DuntroonNew Zealandedublogs.org
85071Isla8DuntroonNew Zealandedublogs.org
85072shya7Duntroon schoolNew Zealandedublogs.org
85073Brooke8DuntroonDuntroon, New Zealandedublogs.org
85074Truze7duntroon schoolNew zealandedublogs.org
85075Rosa7Duntroon schoolNew Zealandedublogs.org
85076Benya7DuntroonDuntroon, New Zealandedublogs.org
85078AlazarYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85079KosseYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85080AcaciaYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85081AdysonYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85082CJYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85083GraceYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85084AisleyYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85085Sara6St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
85086Lydia6St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
85087Lucy6St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
85088Leilani6St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
85089Seth6St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
85091Alex O C5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85092Brian5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85093Daniel5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85094Gavin5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85095Jayden5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85096Lucas5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85097Sam5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85098Timmy5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85099Cliodhna5th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85100Lou5th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85101Izzy5Kelvedon St Mary'sEssex, Ukkidblog.org
85102Oliver5Kelvedon St Mary'sEssex, UKkidblog.org
85103Maria5th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85104Maria D3rd ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85105Emma5th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85106Sarah S4th classNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85107RoselynnGrade 6Hillcrest Elementary SchoolSurrey, B.C.weebly.com
85108GraceRang 4Scoil NeasáinDublin, Irelandblogspot.com
85109AoibhínRang 4Scoil NeasáinDublin, Irelandblogspot.com
85110SenanRang 4Scoil NeasáinDublin, Irelandblogspot.com
85111Mason5StevensonCarmel, USAedublogs.org
85112Kenzie7Duntroon schoolNew Zealandedublogs.org
85113Maliah5StevensonCarmel, USAedublogs.org
85114Claire T5StevensonCarmel, USAedublogs.org
85115Emma5StevensonCarmel, USAedublogs.org
85116Calire D5StevensonCarmel, USAedublogs.org
85117Eva5StevensonCarmel, USAedublogs.org
85118Liam8DuntroonNew Zealandedublogs.org
85119Patrick D6StevensonCarmel, USAedublogs.org
85120Justin6StevensonCarmel, USAedublogs.org
85121Sora6StevensonCarmel, USAedublogs.org
85122Sora6StevensonCarmel, USAedublogs.org
85123JamesYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85124JoshuaYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85125Laney6El SierraIllinois USAseesaw.me
85126Logan6El SierraIllinois USAseesaw.me
85127Janiya6El SierraIllinois USAseesaw.me
85128Sam6El SierraIllinois USAseesaw.me
85129Joe6El SierraIllinois USAseesaw.me
85130Nikki6El SierraIllinois USAseesaw.me
85131Ashlan6El SierraIllinois USAseesaw.me
85132Jacob6El SierraIllinois USAseesaw.me
85133Ethan6El SierraIllinois USAseesaw.me
85134AngusYear 7Wise Owl LearningMelbourne, Australiawiseowllearning.com.au
85135HannahP1-7Burravoe PrimaryScotlandglowscotland.org.uk
85136David Hu.4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85137Jake4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85138Karol4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85139Bryan4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85140David Hy.4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85141Donagh4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85142Deividas4th classSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85143Caden5th gradeBridges ElementaryArizona, USedublogs.org
85144Tallyn5th gradeBridges ElementaryArizona, USedublogs.org
85145Felicity5th gradeBridges ElementaryArizona, USedublogs.org
85146Nathan5th gradeBridges ElementaryArizona, USedublogs.org
85147Danny5th gradeBridges ElementaryArizona, USedublogs.org
85148Mia5th gradeBridges ElementaryArizona, USedublogs.org
85149Dylan6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85150Maya6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85151Addy6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85152Maeve6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85153Luke6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85154Evelyn6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85155Brody6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85156Luke6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85157Maya6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85158Colleen6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85159Brooke6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85160Courtney6WhittierIllinois USAseesaw.me
85161Izzy6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85162Brynn6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85163Alvina6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85164Trevor6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85165Kara6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85166Nia6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85167Nora6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85168Zach6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85169Andrew6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85170Patrick6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85171Cecilia6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85172AtticusYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85173Tori6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85174Breia6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85175NoshanYear 5Ute Pass ElementaryColorado, USAkidblog.org
85176Eleni6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85177Danny6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85178Meghan6El SierraIllinoisseesaw.me
85179Leo4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
85180Will4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
85181Faye4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
85182Daisy4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
85183Bella4Lancaster RoadLancashire, UK100wc.net
85184Elli5th gradeSemperWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
85185Nathan5th gradeSemperWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
85186Jake5th gradeSemperWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
85187Avita5th gradeSemperWestminster, CO USAedublogs.org
85188Sunshine4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85189Nathan4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85190Natanim4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85191Martin4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85192Lily4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85193Muna and Lilia4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85194Kylie4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85195jayden4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85196Grace and Jiya4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85197Gavin and Rhys4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85198Gabbie4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85199Caleb4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85200Amanda4St. Albert Public SchoolsAlberta, Canadablogspot.com
85201Isabelle5th ClassNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85202ElizabethRang 4Scoil NeasáinDublin, Irelandblogspot.com
85203Marissa8th GradeRiver Bend Middle SchoolSterling, VA, USAlcps.org
85204Fatima8th GradeRiver Bend Middle SchoolSterling, VA, USAlcps.org
85205Elizabeth7th GradeRiver Bend Middle SchoolSterling, VA, USAlcps.org
85206Grace8th GradeRiver Bend Middle SchoolSterling, VA, USAlcps.org
85207Rachel8th GradeRiver Bend Middle SchoolSterling, VA, USAlcps.org
85208Patrick8th GradeRiver Bend Middle SchoolSterling, VA, USAlcps.org
85209Bella8th GradeRiver Bend Middle SchoolSterling, VA, USAlcps.org
85210Angelina8th GradeRiver Bend Middle SchoolSterling, VA, USAlcps.org
85211Naomi7th GradeRiver Bend Middle SchoolSterling, VA, USAlcps.org
85212https://mooreclassmath.edublogs.org/2021/02/12/forgotten-bike-lock/KaliBridges ElementaryArizona, USedublogs.org
85213CC5th gradeBridges ElementaryArizona, USedublogs.org
85214Raiya5th gradeBridges ElementaryArizona, USedublogs.org
85215Alina5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85216Charley5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85217Leona5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85218Kala5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85219Aidan5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85220Ruth5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85221Senee5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85222Ashlynn5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85223Jayla5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85224Cameron5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85225Kirk5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85226Mark5th GradeForest Ridge AcademySchererville, Indiana, USA100wc.net
85227LachieYear 8Wise Owl LearningMelbourne, Australiawiseowllearning.com.au
85228TobyYear 8Wise Owl LearningMelbourne, Australiawiseowllearning.com.au
85229Alex K5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85230Keelan5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85231Rian5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85232Zac5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85233Joshua5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandseesaw.me
85234Connor5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
85235Cara5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
85236Garrett5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
85237Lily5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
85238Tadhg5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
85239Eden5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
85240Rose5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
85241Kyle5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
85242Daniels5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
85243Ben5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
85244Rorí5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
85245Ashton5th ClassSt Molaga's SNSDublin, Ireland100wc.net
85246Kalinagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85247Juliannagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85248Brodiegrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85249Nikolagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85250Brydangrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85251Braydengrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85252Ericgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85253Juliettegrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85254Alexandergrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85255Jamesgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85256Fostergrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85257Vasiliosgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85258Lukegrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85259Nategrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85260Evangrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85261Joshuagrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85262Markgrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85263Viviangrade 5Elementary SchoolIllinois, USAkidblog.org
85264Izzy5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
85265Jennavieve5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
85266Lucy O Connor4th classNewinn G.N.S.Co. Tipperaryedublogs.org
85267Jayden5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
85268Katherine5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
85269Dominic5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
85270Anthony5GES at FMSGuilderland, NY, USAblogspot.com
 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link

5 thoughts on “Week #20 (21)

  1. Kia ora from Aotearoa, New Zealand. We have certainly enjoyed a fabulous summer break, and the children at our school return tomorrow. Some schools have already started. Thanks for all that you do for the 100WC – we will try to jump in and share our writing at some stage. Ngā mihi nui – big greetings!

  2. Kia ora from New Zealand.
    We are all on holiday today, Monday 8th February, to recognise Waitangi Day which is celebrated on February 6th. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed between Maori and the Crown on 6th February 1840 at Waitangi , near the top of the North Island.

    We are having wonderful summer days and are so lucky to be free to go wherever, whenever we want, within our own country. It is interesting that many locals are exploring parts of New Zealand they may not have been to before, and realising what a beautiful and diverse country we live in.

    In New Zealand we can eat out, go to shows and events, the beach, rivers – anywhere, to enjoy family and friends time together. Yes we do know that we are extremely fortunate compared to the rest of the world, but at the same time, we are being careful about our borders, as well as using tools to keep track of where we have been in case there is a covid outbreak.

    School began for most schools last week, but just Wednesday to Friday and this week with today’s holiday, it is a four day week. Therefore you will probably not see much writing from New Zealand yet as we are settling in to the new school year.
    A key message from New Zealand would probably be – Kia Kaha! Be Strong!
    Chris Meehan = Ashley Rakahuri School,
    North Canterbury, New Zealand.

  3. Hi there
    Yes New Zealand schools are now back – we all started up again last week. Luckily NZ is still managing to keep Covid under control so we have no restrictions and it is school as normal. We are all hoping that will continue this year. It is our hottest month of the year – February- so there is lots of swimming going on at school. We are looking forward to joining in again with the 100wc. Thanks for all the work you do for this.

  4. Hi. We are now back at school here in New Zealand. We have been very lucky here in regards to Covid. Apart from the whole country going into lockdown early last year for several weeks and later in the year Auckland went into a short one for a couple of weeks, our lives here have been fairly normal.

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