Week #45 (20)


Here are the nominations for the showcase for Week #43 that had the prompt ‘…then it began…’ Well done everyone & don’t forget to collect your certificate & blog badge!

Olivia in Yr.6 at Heyfield Primary, Australia

Alliot in Yr.5 at Ponsonby Primary School, Auckland, New Zealand

Milah in Yr.6 at St Joseph’s Catholic School, Morrinsville, New Zealand

Sophie in Yr.6 at Chelsea Primary School, Auckland, NZ

Lachlan in Yr.6 at Heyfield Primary, Australia 

Latest prompt

This amazing photo was sent in by one of our young writers. Looks like there is a problem for this chap to solve!


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 ID Name Year School Location Link
80568ScarlettYear 5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80569BenYear 5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80570Isla5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80571Dre5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80573Xander5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80574Team Hunter For Life!Year 5PPS Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80577Jack craddock5ponsony primaryAucandkidblog.org
80578JasperYear 5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland NZkidblog.org
80579Ariella5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland,NZkidblog.org
80580Boris5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80581George5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
80582Max5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80583Claudia5ponsonby primary schoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80584Noah5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80585Holly5Ponsonby primary schoolAucklandkidblog.org
80586Daisy5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80587Izzy5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
80592Miley4JSt Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
80593Bernie-RooYear 5St Bernadette's PrimaryCastle Hill, Australia100wc.net
80595Jerrin4St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
80596Lily4St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
80597Kade5Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80598Ruby6Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80599Olivia6Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80600James5Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80601Jaxon P6Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80602Sarah6Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80603Hannah6Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80604Lachlan6Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80605Chelsea6Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80606Jake5Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80607Lily6Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80608Aurora6Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80609Beau6Heyfield PrimaryAustraliakidblog.org
80612Linh7Luong The VinhThai Binh, Vietnamblogspot.com
 ID Name Year School Location Link

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  1. Quick question two of my students have been showcased for this week (Olivia and Lachlan, Heyfield PS) which is so exciting. How do I get their certificates and blog badges?

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