Week #7 (21)

Are you on holiday?

Here in the UK some of our schools are taking a short break from school. It is our autumn break and maybe extended to two weeks rather than just the one to try to help with the virus.

Let us know when your next holiday is in the comments below.


Showcase news

Once again, the showcase has it’s own page. You can find the nominations for Week #5 HERE

If you are on Twitter do let me know your ‘handle’ so that I can tag you in when I tweet out about the showcase. It is great to advertise your great work!


Latest prompt

We have 5 words this week. all of which need to go into your writing but they can be in any order. We want you to share your imaginations but do make sure your story is logical! The words are:



The form will close at 23.45 UK Time on 24th October 2020


Sorry, you need to log in to enter the 100 Word Challenge. Login at https://100wc.net/wp-login.php or sign up at https://100wc.net/signup-2015/.

 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link
82154Isla5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
82155BenYear 5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
82156Hunter Andersen5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland,NZkidblog.org
82157Hazelyear 5ponsonby primary schoolAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
82158Dre5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
82159Daisy5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
82160Sophie5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
82161Holly5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
82163Noah5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
82164GeorgeYear 5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, New Zealandkidblog.org
82165Alliot5Ponsonby Primary SchoolAuckland, NZkidblog.org
82166jack c5ponsonby primaryAuckland New Zealandkidblog.org
82167ScarlettYear 5Ponsonby PrimaryAuckland, NZkidblog.org
82168🍩😳Harry Mitchell😳🍩Year 0️⃣5️⃣Ponsonby PrimaryNew Zealand🇦🇺 Auckland Ponsonbykidblog.org
82169Tanner5Ponsonby Primary SchoolNZkidblog.org
82171Hulia5Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
82172Cam6Sister Alphonse AcademyCanadakidblog.org
82173Charlie4JSt Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
82174Ryan4St Anthony'sQld, Australiaedublogs.org
82175Rocco4JSt Anthony'sAlexandra Hills, Qld, Australiaedublogs.org
 Entry ID Name Year School Location Link

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