Week#2 ’18

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5 Sentence Challenge

There is a new prompt over on our sister challenge. 5 Sentence Challenge is for emerging writers whether they are young or learning English as a second language. Check it out! 5 Sentence Challenge 

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Last year, we ran some very successful hubs. These are 3 classes from across the world linked to support each other with comments on 100WC posts. Check the newsletter for more details!

Latest prompt

Once again I have to say a big THANK YOU to the marvellous Jane Hewitt for this week’s photograph. She has written a superb book that you would really enjoy so do check it out ‘Learning Through a Lens’

As you can see we have a situation!

Things to consider:

  • What has happened?
  • Where is this situation set?
  • Who are the people?
  • What are their jobs?
  • Use good adjectives so that your reader can picture the scene


The form will close at 23.45 UK time on 23rd September

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 ID Name Year School Location Link
34861Alfie6Tirlebrook Primary SchoolTewkesbury, UKweebly.com
34862Ashley9Seneca High SchoolErie, PAedublogs.org
34863Alan5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34864Alex5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34865Charlie5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34866Cillian5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34867Dan5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34870Darragh5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34871David L5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34872David A6th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34874Julius6th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34875Kacper5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34876Killian M5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34878Laurynas5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34879Michael5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34880Nathan5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34881Hector D. Martinez6th GradePhiladelphia ElementaryUnited States (Pomona, California)edublogs.org
34883Ruby & Leo6 & 5Stoke on TernUK100wc.net
34884Nicole, Megan & Archie6/5Stoke on TernUK100wc.net
34885Ryan, Jess & Alex5/6Stoke on TernUK100wc.net
34886Isabella5Stoke on TernUK100wc.net
34887Jacob, Cory & Olivia5/6Stoke on TernUK100wc.net
34888Noel5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34889Paddy5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34890Sean5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34892Shane F6th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34893Stephen5th ClassSt Colman's BNSCork, Irelandnightzookeeper.com
34894ShananYear 8SouthwellHamilton, New Zealandblogspot.co.nz
34895Fortune5th ClassSt. Stephen's De La SalleWaterford, Ireland100wc.net
34896Alekss5th ClassSt. Stephen's De La SalleWaterford, Ireland100wc.net
34897Isaac5th ClassSt. Stephen's De La SalleWaterford, Ireland100wc.net
34898Bradley M5th ClassSt. Stephen's De La SalleWaterford, Ireland100wc.net
34902Kevin5th ClassSt. Stephen's De La SalleWaterford, Ireland100wc.net
34903Tom5th ClassSt. Stephen's De La SalleWaterford, Ireland100wc.net
34904Roy C5th ClassSt. Stephen's De La SalleWaterford, Ireland100wc.net
34905Excel5th ClassSt. Stephen's De La SalleWaterford, Ireland100wc.net
34909Tom H5Crofton Downs PrimaryWellington, NZblogspot.co.nz
34910Tom S6Crofton Downs PrimaryWellington, NZblogspot.co.nz
34911LaTyla7KomarekIllinois, USAkidblog.org
34912Darren7KomarekIllinois, USAkidblog.org
34913Cormac6th classSt.Molua's NSArdagh, Limerick, Ireland100wc.net
34914Mikey6th classSt.Molua's NSArdagh, Limerick, Ireland100wc.net
34915Victoria6th classSt.Molua's NSArdagh, Limerick, Ireland100wc.net
34916Saoirse6th classSt.Molua's NSArdagh, Limerick, Ireland100wc.net
34917Keira7Ashley SchoolNorth Canterbury, New Zealandedublogs.org
34918Alannah6th classS.t Josephs N.sKinvara.Co.GalwayIrelandkidblog.org
34919Jamie6th classSt Josephs NSKinvara, Co. Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34920Niall6th ClassSt.Joseph's N.SKinvara, Co.Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34922Alicia6th classS.t Josephs N.sKinvara.Co.GalwayIrelandkidblog.org
34923Jack6th classSt Josephs NSKinvara, Co. Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34924Oisín6th ClassSt.Joseph's N.SKinvara, Co.Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34930Daniel6th classS.t Josephs N.sKinvara.Co.GalwayIrelandkidblog.org
34931Dylan6th classS.t Josephs N.sKinvara.Co.GalwayIrelandkidblog.org
34932Oscar6th ClassSt.Joseph's N.SKinvara, Co.Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34936Akeisha6th ClassScoil MhuireLucan,Dublinwordpress.com
34937Sadhbh6th ClassSt.Joseph's N.SKinvara, Co.Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34938Lainey6th classSt Josephs NSKinvara, Co. Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34939Lara6th classSt Josephs NSKinvara, Co. Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34942Muireann6th classSt Josephs NSKinvara, Co. Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34943Mattew6th ClassSt.Joseph's N.SKinvara, Co.Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34944Kate6th ClassSt.Joseph's N.SKinvara, Co.Galway, Irelandkidblog.org
34945Tom6th Classschool mhuireLucan Co.Dublinwordpress.com
34946sarah6th classsociallucan Co.Dublin, Irelandwordpress.com
34947Sean6th ClassScoil MhuireLucan,Dublin,Irelandwordpress.com
34948Grace B.Year FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34949LucyYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34950JaxonYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34951TeddyYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34952WillowYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34953IsabelleYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34954LaylaYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34956AaronYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34957XanderYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34958AbrielleYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34960MaxYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34961LeoYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34962PhoebeYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34963LukeYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34964OscarYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34965ZakYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34968EmmaYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34969ElinorYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34970SethYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34973BenYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34974Grace T.Year FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34975LeelaYear FiveCJSCambridgeshire, UKedublogs.org
34976Scott Mc G6th ClassSt. Mary's Parish Primary SchoolDrogheda, Irelandweebly.com
34977Akeisha6th ClassScoil MhuireLucan , Dublinwordpress.com
34978Sean6th classScoil MhuireDublinwordpress.com
34979Alice6th classScoil MhuireDublin, Irelandwordpress.com
34980Jack6th classScoil mhuireDublinwordpress.com
34981Alice6th classScoil mhuireDublin, Irelandwordpress.com
34982Rachel6th classScoil MhuireIreland/ Dublinwordpress.com
34983Yasmeen8Larue County Middle SchoolHodgenville, Kentuckyedublogs.org
34984Robert6th classScoil MhuireDublin, Irelandwordpress.com
34985Gareth6th ClassScoil MhuireDublinwordpress.com
34986seb6th classscoil mhuireirelandwordpress.com
34987Nikolas6th ClassScoil mhuireDublin, Irelandwordpress.com
34988Matty6th ClassScoil MhuireDublinwordpress.com
34989Ellen6th ClassScoil MhuireDublin, Irelandwordpress.com
 ID Name Year School Location Link