5 Sentence Challenge #7


This is the 5 Sentence Challenge which is a creative writing challenge for young emerging writers who are just starting out with their writing. It is not for fluent writers who should visit 100 Word Challenge as that is more appropriate for them!

Thank you so much for all the entries to the picture of the vets last time. Here are the showcase pieces. Remember, they are not the best but had something about them!

********** SHOWCASE #6 **********

Bailea at Our Lady of the Southern Cross, Wynhamvale,

Dan in Yr.2 at High Lawn Primary

Chloe in Yr.1 via SJBTeaching

George in Yr.2 at Moorland Federation

Elbie in Yr.3 at St Michael on the Mount, Bristol


I have been away for a few days on holiday and that is why I’m a bit behind with my comments on the children’s work. I will get to them eventually so don’t worry! I thought it might be good fun to get them thinking about my trip. I went to New York in America. It has lots of sky scrapers and of course the Statue of Liberty. So the theme for this challenge is this picture of New York. It is not a real photograph but shows what it is like.

If this is your first visit here do read ‘How to Enter the Challenges’ If you are still a bit muddled leave me a comment below or tweet me (@theheadsoffice) and I’ll help you out.

Please make sure you visit other entries. It is really important that children develop a sense of community and support by going to other schools to leave a constructive comment. It is a good teaching point!

The link will stay open until 30th May

This is the 5 Sentence Challenge NOT the 100 Word Challenge. For the 100WC, please go HERE